How to Reset a Lost Windows Password?

Data is the most important entity of any organisation. Security of this data is most important in order to attain success in business. Various tasks require sharing of data amongst employees or sometimes outside of the organisation. Here the question arises of data security. It is really important to protect data from unauthorised access as data breach incidents have increased. A single data breach can cause a big loss to a company because each and every file and document has its importance and if it gets accessed by unauthorised hands it can cause a huge loss to a company.

Consider an individual who works privately from home, remains connected with various clients and affiliates in order to increase business. To protect themselves from this type of information people prefer to apply passwords, as passwords are easy to implement and the best method to protect data. These days Windows is widely used by everyone as it is easy to use. It is also possible to protect a Windows system by implementing password in order to safeguard system from unauthorised access.

There is one disadvantage of using password security in that one has a higher chance of forgetting a password and if not backed up then can create a mess. Consider a situation: You have Windows 7. In order to protect it from unauthorised access you have implemented a password to the administrator account. The very next day when you tried to access your system, you realised that you have forgotten the password. As a result you may face a potential severe data loss problem. To avoid this problem, you need to the help of a Windows password recovery program obtained through a reliable third party.

People prefer to apply the most difficult combination so that no one can guess it. Simultaneously these difficult combinations of password are more difficult to recall!

Windows Password Recovery Software will help you to recover a lost Windows Admin password and other account passwords also irrespective of length and complexity of password.

By Sonia Ghosh. A lifelong interest in technology has led her to setting up to help people reset a Windows password with a simple user interface. Stellar Phoenix Password recovery software recovers lost and forgotten admin/user id passwords from Windows7/Vista/XP. The software also recovers product keys and serial numbers of registered software, and FTP client applications. It resets your password for chat messengers, emails etc. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, Server (2000-2008), and 2000. It supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and MSN Explorer.