How to Remove Programs that Won’t Uninstall

As a computer user, at some point, you must have tried to uninstall a program the traditional way. Going to the Control Panel of your computer and choose the Add or Remove Programs to do the needed and remove the particular program. You are lucky if you have successfully uninstalled the program. If you haven’t, don’t panic, there are other ways you can get rid of the program. This article throws light on a few of the most popular ways to remove programs that refuse to install.

Work on the error message you come across on the Control Panel

As discussed earlier, the regular way to remove a program is from the Control Panel. A majority of times, this works. One of the reasons why a program does not get erased can be because of an error. As a computer user who is trying to remove a program and you come across an error message, the best thing to do is to read the error message step by step and remove the program. It takes a little bit of patience before the program is finally removed.


Reinstall the respective program

One of the smartest ways to remove a program that won’t uninstall is to simply reinstall it. This works best when the respective program is corrupted or due to incomplete installation. You can use the setup utility and reinstall the program over itself. In some instances, the setup utility recognizes the existing installation and leaves you with the option to repair, install or remove the respective program.

Look out for the program’s installer

Yet another way to remove the program is from the programs uninstall utility. You can click on Start and choose the All Programs tab and look for the programs uninstaller in the program’s shortcut folder. If you cannot locate the programs uninstaller this way, you need to look in the programs main folder. Look for programs with extensions like ‘uninst’ or ‘unwise’. Having located such files, you can remove the program with great ease. So now your PC can get rid of them.

Manually remove the respective program

If you are confident about your technical skills to manually uninstalling the program you can follow these steps and successfully get rid of the program.

  • First you need to boot your computer into safe mode.
  • Then you need to create a system restore point
  • You need to trace down the path of the program folder. If a shortcut of that program exists, you can work on the shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. A dialogue box opens up. This will give you the path of the program. Follow the path and delete the program.
  • If you are unable to locate the shortcut of the program, look for the programs folder in the C:\Program Files. Once you have located it, from there you can delete the program.
  • Once you have deleted the program you can delete all references to the respective program by using any registry cleaner program.
  • Also delete all program related shortcuts from the Start Menu and Desktop.
  • Finally restart your computer.
  • You have successfully manually deleted the program.


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