How to recover accidentally deleted files from hard drive?

Deletion is a good option to erase all unnecessary data from your system. Using this feature with shift (that is ‘Shift+Delete’), you can perform complete deletion of data from your PC. However, at times this useful option creates mess for users when they accidentally delete an important file from their computers. Most of the times, accidental deletion is the result of haphazard ways of handling the computer, but let us see some common scenarios, which cause accidental deletion of data from your system:

  • In order to clean up your PC, you are deleting some unnecessary files from it and in this procedure you accidentally deleted an important file as well.
  • You want to make some space on a specific volume of your system. To do this you are deleting folders of which you have taken the backup. While doing this, you accidentally delete a folder, which is not backed up. Therefore, deletion of this folder causes loss of some really precious files stored on it.
  • After cleaning up the ‘Recycle Bin’ of your computer, you notice that you require a file/folder that was on the recycle bin. This again causes accidental deletion of file(s) or folder.
  • Unexpected formatting of volumes is another cause responsible for loss of precious files and folders saved on it.

Aforementioned are some scenarios of accidental deletion of data and there can be various other situations in which a user faces data loss. At such situation, using an efficient deleted file recovery tool is advisable. Lot many undelete tools are available online to recover deleted or lost files and some of them are freeware also. After a thorough research, we came across an efficient free utility for the same:



Recuva is freely available online tool to get back deleted or lost files from different type of storage media devices including hard drive, memory card, flash drive etc. Though Recuva can recover deleted files from hard drive of Windows Operating System based computers but with certain limitations. Some of the limitations of this freeware are:

  • You can only recover limited amount of data with this tool.
  • The tool performs recovery at folder level only and thus the Deep Scan option of this software  is not efficient enough to perform 100% data recovery.
  • Moreover, this tool is not liked by advance users as it doesn’t offer any advance features to customize searching and scanning of your deleted data.

On the other hand, we have some really efficient paid tools like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This robust tool has very intuitive user interface with some most advance features to perform file recovery. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • You can recover deleted files and folders easily and with maximum result.
  • The faster scanning engine of the software completes data recovery procedure quickly.
  • You can recover even lost or deleted volumes.
  • You can also recover data from formatted volume of your system.
  • One of the advanced features of this tool is ‘Raw Recovery’. Through this feature of the software, you can recover data of any file type. In addition, you can add and delete any file type and start the scanning of the files for recovery.