How To Print Quality Photos at Home: Top 7 Tips to Print Quality Photos

Photos are your way to remember every memorable occasion or event in your life. Aside from saving them in your computer and other back-up storage devices, it is also best to print them as hard copies.

With the rise in digital technology, most people now don’t bother to print their photos to save them. Nevertheless, photo printing is still essential because you never know when your computer or external hard drive might get destroyed.

To help you optimize or maximize your photos, the following tips may help you get the best quality photo prints:

  • Choose the right size or resolution for your photos

Before you print photos, make sure to set the required resolution for your prints. The higher the resolution; the better quality of photo. However, the resolution should also match the size of the photo that you are going to print. The following outlines the required resolution for your prints depending on the size:

Resolution Size Purpose
Less than 640 x 480 Wallet-size prints Pictures on refrigerators or in wallets
640 x 480 4 x 6 inches Photo albums or Photo books
1152 x 864 5 x 7 inches Photo Frames
1600 x 1200 8 x 10 inches or larger Photo calendars

If you need quality prints for your photo books or photo calendars, you can visit Snapfish and Mixbook. They offer a wide variety of designs in terms of photo books and photo calendars so you can get good designs plus excellent photo quality. They also offer good prices and you may even get discounts using Snapfish coupons and Mixbook coupons.

  • Edit your photos before printing

You want the best quality photos to be printed, so make sure to edit them properly using photo editing software before printing them. Remove the red eye effect, crop, rotate, resize and lighten them for better photo prints.

  • Use printers suited for photo printing

Not all printers support photo printing features so make sure that you use only those that are intended for photo printing. Using a photo printer, you are assured of quality prints based on the ink used as well as the lifespan of the photos.

  • Use the right photo paper

You can choose between a matte and glossy finish. Depending on what type of texture you want, choosing the right photo paper is essential. There are many types of photo papers that provide quality prints. For photos that you would like to last for generations, you can use HP Premium Plus photo paper. For quick drying and water resistant prints, choose HP Advanced photo paper.

  • Match the ink to your paper

The quality of ink is also essential for good quality prints. For inks that match HP papers, it’s best to choose HP generation inks.

Mixbook and Snapfish normally use high quality photo papers for your photo prints to make your pictures last for generations.

  • Always use the print preview settings

The print preview should always be used to preview your prints. When you do not use the print preview before printing, the chances are that the pictures may contain printing errors or mistakes. Checking the print preview will help you save photo paper and ink.

  • Allow the photos to dry sufficiently

Freshly printed photos are usually wet and may smudge if you hold them too soon. Always allow the photos to dry for five minutes first before holding the pictures.

Printing your photos at home surely saves you money; however, if you need professional photo prints with excellent quality, you can opt to have your digital photos printed in printing shops. They also offer photo delivery so you don’t have to pick up your photos because they are delivered right to your door step.

This post is written by Dr. Amarendra, the guest author. He currently writes for eDrugstore.MD, an online facilitator many medications. He uses his research skills to compile an informative Expert Podcast Interviews Section.