How to Open a RAR File

022 What is a RAR file?

This is a compressed archive. The word “Archive” implies that files may contain not only one, but many files. It can even enclose folders with lots of files. They are much like folders on computer’s hard disk. “Compressed” implies that mathematical methods have been utilized to lessen the space required to save the files.

There are lots of different compression methods that are in great use today. “RAR” is an expansion of the method called Zip compression. The RAR format utilizes advanced algorithms and compression that could make the smallest archives – usually eight to thirty percent smaller than Zip archives. However, the consequence is that, compression will take a long time.

How to Open RAR files in Mac OS X

If you are using an Apple Mac desktop or laptops then you could utilize “iArchiver” to open RAR file. “iArchiver” could as well open Zip documents, Stuffit documents and several more types. It could make archives, and could even convert it between one format to another. It’s easy to use and they are of good value, too.

A substitute tool to open these files on a Mac is the Stuffit. This is a classic Mac utility that has a complete set of tools for creating and opening the different kinds of compressed archive, which you get on Web.

How to Open RAR files in Microsoft Windows

If you would like to open a a compressed folder or file on your Windows PC, suggests the BitZipper 2009. I believe that this software is the best of all Windows archive manager offered. It could open compressed files, Zip compressed archive files and any other encoded or compressed file format you are ever likely to come across in the future.

As well as permitting you to open all the file types you wish to open, BitZipper 2009 allow you to create archives by making use of numerous of these formats. It is also a flexible and fast back-up tool. So it is something you will find very useful for much more tasks than opening the occasional RAR archive!

A substitute tool that could open RAR files under Windows is the Alpha Zip or 7Zip.