How To Manipulate Digital Photographs With Creative Software

Photographs are the main way in which we keep fond memories close and remember the enjoyable and important events which form our personal histories. Most people have a collection of photos displayed on their walls or in albums to remind them of the people and places that give memories their meaning and this has only increased as photos have become easier to take, develop and store via digital photography.

As any photographer will tell you, a photo is not complete when you release the shutter button. Instead, it must go through a process of editing, cropping, manipulation and framing before it can be considered finalised.

With this in mind, a wide range of application and illustration software gadgets are now available to make this digital process easier and more efficient, creating finished prints that look exactly the way you intended them to.

The amazing array of software for graphic design currently available on the market means you can easily manipulate your photos, transforming them into greeting cards, adding frames and converting everyday photos into larger-than-life cartoons; amongst other things.

Greeting Cards

The appeal of homemade or personalised cards is something which has grown over recent years, making the development of photo greeting cards highly popular. There are numerous applications available which can help you transform your photos into cards suitable for any occasion.

To create the perfect photo greeting card, follow these three easy steps:

  • Step one: make sure the photo looks its best by using software to enhance the image. Consider adjusting the brightness, contrast and exposure as well as cropping it to size and removing red-eye from those photographed.
  • Step two: decide how you will arrange the photo on the card using specific software. Consider making it a central feature and try to match colours in the photograph with your chosen card design to maintain congruency.
  • Step three: customise the text and other features of the card to complete your creation. Make sure you don’t overload the design with embellishments or this could overpower the photo. Try and keep the design subtle and simplistic, using bold colours or striking lines to create the biggest impact.


With specific software designed to transform ordinary photos into cartoons, you can have plenty of fun with your favourite snaps. These make a great present when printed out and could even act as a central feature in your home.

Consider giving them to friends or family members as unique gifts, or just have some fun.


Tired of the same old photo frames cluttering up your home? Why not use photo software to add digital frames to your pictures, changing them as and when you want?

Whether you choose to print your creations off or use them as unique screensavers is up to you, but you are guaranteed to have a colourful and attractive frame whatever you decide.

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