How to Make Working From Home a Pleasure

Working from home is theoretically an amazing opportunity and is a dream for many people. When you work from home you have the ability to get up in the morning whenever you like, the ability to choose what music to listen to, and the option to make yourself as much tea and coffee and as many sandwiches as you can handle. While everyone else crams themselves onto a train at 6am for their morning commute, you will be breathing in fresh air from your window and feeling the sun on your face while you sit down to work.

That’s the dream, but unfortunately the reality can sometimes be different and isn’t always what it should be. The problem is that we often just don’t know how to make the most of the freedom that comes from being able to work from home, and we thus find ourselves sitting in our pants in a hot room having not done our teeth at 2pm and going crazy from not speaking to anyone for hours.

But this isn’t the way it has to be, and if you are smart you can avoid this situation and make working from home into the absolute pleasure that it should be. Here we will look at some tips for how you can do that.

Your Environment
First of all it’s very important that the environment you work in be right. The problem for many people working home for the first time is that they don’t realize how easy it is to get cabin fever working from the same spot every day, and some people will even sleep in the same room in which they work. This means you never turn off and it means you never really leave one small room and that’s a sure fire way to make yourself stir crazy.

The breakthrough comes when you realize that working from home doesn’t need to mean working from home at all. Actually it just means working ‘not in an office’ – so if you can get yourself a nice laptop with a glare protector, then you can use this in order to do your work while sitting in a nice field, or even reclined on a sun lounger on the beach. My personal choice for working from ‘not an office’ is to work in coffee shops where I can have as much tea as I like, where I get to speak to the people who work there and sometimes other workers (‘coffee culture’ is great for networking) and where I can enjoy nice music and comfort and sometimes free WiFi. As long as you buy a couple of teas a day and it’s not too busy you can stay as long as you like and it means you won’t go mad sitting at home.

Or why not enjoy the absolute opposite of cabin fever by using the opportunity to travel around? If you can get a cheap train ticket somewhere you can visit friends on their work break and explore new areas and new coffee shops.

If you do want to stay at home finally, then just make sure that your home work space is exactly how you like it, spacious and light, and that you keep it clean and nice to work in. And make sure it’s not in the same room as your bed…

You are the other piece of this puzzle and you need to make sure that you are feeling fresh and healthy when you work from home. Doing some kind of exercise in the morning is a great way to stop yourself feeling restless and will get your blood pumping and your mind sharp (especially if it’s outdoors like running around the block).

At the same time you also need to make sure that you are strict with yourself when it comes to doing your work. Make sure that you segregate your time and while it’s fine to schedule in some time off, make sure you finish a good amount of work first and don’t overrun into your working time – or you’ll just end up working later and not enjoying your time off as much later.

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