How to Make Labels

Labels indicate to us what is in a container, what is inside a box, a recordable DVD, a bottle etcetera. A label may not only indicate to us what is inside or what the product is, but it can also warn us about what is inside. It is important that labels are clear and easily understood so that the products are used correctly and to ensure safety. Do not ignore the contents of a label because it will guide you.

Required Tools

  • Pen, markers, scissors, glue, computer, printer

Required Materials

  • Paper


  1. When you decide to make a label, first decide what it is you are going to label and then create in your mind’s eye what it is you are going to write: the name of whatever is inside, what it entails and any warnings or symbols to give further tips and warning
  2. Choose the kind of paper you will be using to make your label. You can create your own labels from cartridge paper or you can visit websites that offer templates which you can use to write your labels. You can simply type the labels, download and print on suitable paper. When you use cartridge paper to make your labels, you will have to make your own designs, repeat writing several labels and finally cut out each label to be glued on a variety of things.
  3. You can also use Microsoft word to create a variety of labels. First, you need to click on start, then find All programs, search for Microsoft Office, click on Microsoft Word, then Mailings and finally on Labels
  4. When you click on Labels, choose Options, then Page Printers. You will also choose a Tray Number, Lable Vendor and maybe a Product Number
  5. Afterward, press OK, and then click on a New Document. The Label Page will show up
  6. Start writing your labels
  7. After you are finish you can start printing on suitable paper

Tips and Warning

  • Remember to save your labels before printing. You may print without saving and the document may be gone when you close it. There may be need for editing and you the saved labels would be very helpful to you. You will not need to start writing your labels all over again. To save your labels, click on File, press Save As, write a Name for your file and click OK.
  • Ensure that your printer has sufficient paper to print your labels and the sheets must be face-up

When you write your labels, they should be legible – the words should be easily read. The sentences that you write, especially cautionary sentence, should be short, clear and to the point.

Cautionary labels should be explained to children – tell them exactly what the dangers are and help them to understand the warning signs. In addition to putting on these labels, you can put these products out of the reach of the children so that they do not have to contend with them in the first place.

Your labels should be informative: name, content, general facts, tips or warning. Labels are important for your safety and security and proper usage of the product.