How To Live Without The Start Button In Windows 8

Each day, technology advances more and more. One of the most recent technological advancements is Windows 8. Unfortunately, not everyone likes Windows 8, due to the fact it lacks the start button that was customary of the Windows running systems before. However, there are ways to get around not having a start button – here’s what ya need to know!

Use Search

One of the first ways to get around not having that super-convenient start button is by using the search feature. This feature is uber-easy to access and includes just a slide of your mouse. Those who use Windows 8 will know that sliding your pointer to either side of the screen will bring you to either previous programs you were running or the general sidebar, which will show the search tool and time, among other things. Click on the search tool and simply type in whatever program you can’t find. It’s a much easier way to find Notepad and all the other Windows programs you’re used to. This method saves times and is rather easy to remember.

Go In Desktop Mode

Another way to find what you need is by going into desktop mode. Desktop mode is located on the main Windows 8 display and is easy to access. Once you enter desktop mode, things will start looking much more familiar, except without the start button. From here ,you can store your other programs with a desktop icon, use any browser you wish and access a variety of other things that you were once accustomed to with previous versions of Windows. This includes personalizing your background and much more.

Go In Files

Once you’re in desktop mode, you’ll be able to access the files tab, incliuded in previous versions of windows. From here, you can access pictures, videos, documents and certain other aspects of your computer. Doing so makes it easy to access the things you would’ve normally accessed through the start button. Getting to desktop mode is easy and is described above. The files tab looks exactly the same as it has before, and is located next to the internet explorer tab on the bottom of your screen. This is just one of many ways to easily access files and other stored content.

Download An App

In the Windows 8 app store, you’ll be able to find many different apps that provide shortcuts for Windows 8. Some of these shortcuts will allow you to access what you need with a simple click of your mouse. Some of these apps are free to use and some cost a small fee. They can be found in the Windows app store under tools or organization. Having one of these apps can make using Windows 8 much easier and quicker – and are definitely worth looking into.
Windows 8 is more simple than most think. As with anything, it takes time to learn how to use it. However, you can still do all you used to be able to do and more, even without that start button! The start button was easy and convenient, but it’s not necessary to have a great working and easy to use computer. Windows 8 also comes full of other neat features, which can be very useful and fun. So the absence of the start button is a small price to pay for all of the other things you can do with this operating system. After enough time, using Windows 8 will become very simple and enjoyable to anyone who uses it. Until you get used to using it, try one of these tips above to make your life easier!

Bryanna Delgado writes about technology and e-commerce. Her recent work is on the Top 10 Best Online Master of Engineering Degree Programs.