How to Install Windows 7 from USB? Microsoft Launches a New Utility

Author: Maria Smith (Contributed)

usb Windows installation, in case of DVD Drive Failure, has always been a big issue. I remember when my DVD Drive stopped working once and my laptop window was corrupted by some virus attack. It took me about 3 days on searching on the net, trying to find a tool to install my windows from USB.

Almost every tool I search for installing windows was either paid tool or was only USB bootable, and did not helped me in installing my windows. At a point I managed to copy all of my windows files to USB and make it bootable but as there are a lot of installation files, it took too much time even to start the installation process. After wasting my 3 days, I finally bought an IDE to USB cable, attached it with an External DVD Drive which was being powered up by a PC’s power supply. And finally after all my efforts, I was able to install windows with an external DVD Drive.

This kept me thinking for a while that how difficult it could be for Novice users to install windows on their laptop in case of DVD Drive failure. Even though every laptop comes with a system restore option, but what if it also get corrupts and DVD Drive is not working.

After a long time it seems that Microsoft also has realized this issue. They recently have launched Windows 7 USB/DVD tool, which allows you to take an ISO image and turn it into bootable flash drive.

This USB windows installer is created not only for laptop users but for any one that purchased Windows 7 from Microsoft official website. This tool allows you to create an ISO copy of your windows 7 on a USB flash or on DVD.

During Windows 7 purchasing from Microsoft store, you have the option to download and ISO file or compressed file. The Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO on a USB flash drive or DVD. Making a USB flash drive bootable is real easy. Just download the ISO file and run the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. Once it is done you will have the option to install your Windows 7 directly from USB. And ass the ISO file is compressed, the process will take lot less time than uncompressed windows files on your USB from any other USB bootable tool.

Please note that if you use a Flash Drive, It must have at least 4GB space to copy the complete compressed ISO File.

To install the Windows 7 all you need to do is to insert the USB flash drive to your USB port or insert your DVD into your DVD drive and run setup.exe from the root folder of the drive. You also will have to select your USB or DVD drive as your primary bootable option during setup.

The Final Part: You might be wondering that what is so cool about this tool. The coolest part of this entire story is that this software has been launched as open source. Microsoft had concerns about this project to be launched as open source. It was first launched with program self closure source and without proper documentation, but later with an explanation of “Internal Mistake” it was re-launched again and declared as open source for all to use.

You can find more about this tool and its download location from my site It is going to launch officially on 1st Jan 2010, however I have started to add few articles in it. tuneup 2010 site is dedicated to new software, tools, tips and tricks for Year 2010.