How to increase your website’s traffic volume and profit via Facebook

When you set up your fanpage for business purpose successfully, do you have any idea of how to package your business to expand its influence? How to turn your fans on Facebook into real purchasers? How to have a sound interaction with your fans to sustain a long lasting relationship with your fans? Nowadays, an increasing number of businessmen have realized how important a role Facebook has played in online business promotion. However, there are only a limited of them aware of the significance of packaging their products and service, much less do they know how to do it. Here is some advice on how to package your page. You also can buy facebook likes to increase fans quickly.

1. Complete your company’s information as well as yourselves.

If you intent to launch your business on Facebook, you’d better fill in every blank of the information page of you and your company. A satisfactory introduction usually consists of specially designed pictures, URL of website; contact detail, your hobby and education background.

2. Plus your brand’ name into your URL link of fan page.

In general, fan page’s URL link is ended by number. You are permitted to set your URL link by yourself only on condition that your likers have surpassed 25. In that case, you will have a short and clear URL which could promote your brand potentially. But one thing you should always bear it in mind that once the page URL is set, there is no changing unless you set up another page instead.

3. Make full use of fanpage’s news feature

Each fanpage provides news feature. If someone interacts with you on your fanpage, the interaction will be shown on his page as well as his fans’ page. Due to the special feature, you should updates funny articles, photos and videos regularly to get more fans’ interaction. Their comments will be displayed on their fans’ page in which case you will possibly gain an extra attention by strangers, producing more traffic volumes.

4. Don’t publish information too frequently within the same period.

You fans may be reluctant to receiving so much information published by you. Building up a fan group is not a easy task, so take good care of your fans’ emotions. Once negative attitude is produced, it may take your more time and efforts to improve it. A reasonable measure is to publish information on your fanpage less than 3 times per day, and better to do it every 2 to 4 hours. The content of the information should be worth sharing and interacting. For example, questions, votes or suggestion on daily life could give rise to interaction easily.

5. Set your fanpage’s style

Your fanpage’s interface is the first impression to visitors, so set a proper style of your fanpage is of great importance. You could set it according to your business target. If your fans mostly are youngster, it’s better to set a energetic interface. If middle aged people are your main target, set a warm and simple style interface is ok.

6. Choose an app for your business

To make your page more like a shop, certain app is a must. Famous apps for shop are Qucikerbuy store, Payvment, Vendorshop and Bigcommerce. Select one fits your condition best.