How to Delete Photos in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking website on the web. Millions of people are using Facebook for sharing their thoughts and moments with their friends, family members, relatives and also with unknown friends. It is great site for posting photos to share your recent moments and to tell the world about yourself. But after doing this some have trouble deleting photos from their Facebook profile. When you feel that the photos was meaningful few months before but now it is simply embarrassing and you want to delete it photos from the Facebook account but unable to do that due to lack of knowledge then no need to worry about go through this article to know how to delete photos in Facebook.

Before going to delete photos from your Facebook profile you should know that steps for deleting photos from Facebook change on the basis of how the photos were uploaded. If you upload the photos from yourself then you have to go for different steps to delete it than to the tagged photos. The steps to know how to delete photos in Facebook are:-

  • First log into your Facebook account.
  • Click over the ‘Profile’ option that is visible on the top of the page of your profile.
  • You will find an option of ‘Photos’ on the side of the profile page.
  • Then the photos page will get opened and you will find all of your photos displayed on the very same page. Select the particular photo which you feel embarrassing and do not to keep in your facebook profile.
  • On clicking the photo the photo will get opened at once. At the bottom of the opened you will find some links. If you sure to delete the photo then click on the ‘Remove Tag’ link and the photo will get deleted at once from your profile.

If you are unable to find the remove tag option then keep reading below but for uploading photo the steps are little different than the previous tag photos. In this case the first four steps are same and after doing those steps then

  • After being clicked on the photo you want to delete you will find some links from which click on ‘Delete this Photo’ link. If you are absolutely sure to remove the photo then only do that as on clicking that link the photo will get deleted at once.

I think you have cleared your confusion on how to delete photo in Facebook. These are the very simple steps just go for them to delete unwanted photos from Facebook profile.

This is a guest post by Jay he loves to Capture video from screen and also works as a contributor that involves Video capture in their services.