How to Create Videos from Images: Photo Filmstrip

Photo film strip – A free, easy and quick program for creating interesting videos from images. It works on “Ken Burns style” used for Zoom In and Zoom Out effects used for documentaries. It also contains many other features like ‘adding subtitle’, ‘using black and white version of sepia’ and ‘adding a sound track. Photo Film Strip works on multiple platforms i.e. Windows and Linux. For integrating lots of images in a bunch and making an animation out of it require features of Photo Film Strip. You can differentiate Photo Film Strip by following three points:
You can use it very easily because with the help of Photo Film Strip you can easily create a cool film within 10 minutes. It is very user friendly.

The videos made from Photo Film Strip are very of excellent quality.

Now you might be thinking that why Photo Film Strip has an easy user interface??? This is because user can use it straightforward and the options are defined very clearly.
Initially you have to insert some selected images in your movie and after that you have to arrange them in required order, recolor them, rotate them etc…
After that for every picture you have to select beginning state and ending state of your camera. i.e. here you can adjust the zooming features of your camera. For this part lots of creativity is needed and it is done with the help of two rectangles.

In last step you have to fill a subtitle for every image for defining it clearly, also you have to specify the time in seconds for each picture. You have to insert the output format of resolution. Soundtrack can also be added here. One drawback of this Photo Film Strip is that Photo Film Strip does not hold any conversion format so images generally fade in and out.

Some other features of this interesting Photo Film Strip are:

Subtitles: Subtitles if enters will be entitles in .SRT format. They are not burned in the output of the movie. These subtitles can be easily played in some decent players like “KM Player”.
Rendering of filmstrip: Pre defined profiles can be easily used in settings. It also includes DVD along with various other profiles for various resolutions.
Adding audio: If you are ready to render then you can easily add different types of audio track to your movie. For adding narrations, some post dispensation with exterior programs has to be done.
Burn – in subtitles: If you want subtitles in a separate file then this option is used.
With the help of this interesting and powerful program you can quickly create lots of animations from still images. This program lack in some visualized whistles and bells but every other feature of Photo Film Strip is good along with a well defined user interface.

This article is written by Chris Miller. He is a part time blogger and an article writer.