How To Copy A Protected DVD Movie

Update: August 2013

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to copy a DVD movie disc. While the task can be handled by any typical burning software, the process of copying a protected DVD is a bit trickier. This article will explain why it’s not as easy as ‘copy this to that ‘ like you would with a music CD or already written DVD.  I’ll also give you some recommended tools to use on Windows 8, 7, and Vista.

CSS and Copy Protection

Just about 100% of ‘Hollywood’ movies contain some form of copy protection or CSS (content scrambling system). There also other copy protections available in the forms of ARccOS Protection (developed by Sony) which is just another layer of protection that is added during the mastering process.  I can give you a more detailed analysis of all this but you are probably here on how to get around this while copying a disc.  So we’ll just focus on that for now. If you really want to know the ins-and-outs of adding CSS to a DVD then this is a good article for you.

Software To Use To Break Copy Protection…Shhhh

Before I get into this section I need to provide a disclaimer and a warning.  In most countries it is illegal to break copy protection if present on a physical medium.  So make sure you are in a country that does not have these laws in place. With that said, you are on your own and if you should run afoul then note that you did this on your own merit. Hope that did not scare you that much, really I have heard of trouble if you are into mass reproduction and selling of pirated copies of DVDs.  But we don’t do that right? I mean what’s the point.

Now this is the most ideal setup if you were to do this:filepop-platinum

  1. FilePop HD Platinum is a proven winner when it comes to DVD burning and this includes working with copy protected discs. Not only does FilePop HD copy DVD movies but it also copies Blu-Ray discs too. In addition it has one of the faster video converters on the market, so now you can easily convert DVD, Blu-Ray, or even your own video files into any other video format you need. There are pre set video resolutions for all the major portable gadgets like the iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets, Smartphones, etc…The developers has just made an enhancement to this software which allows for easy 1 click operation on copying these types of discs when a free plugin (DVD43) is used. One of the unique things about FilePop is the pricing. For a one time cost you can install it on 3 PC’s and never have to pay again for upgrades like the other big boys are doing now. When I wrote this their pricing is $69 for the lifetime license but you may be able to find some discount codes online, or even check the site below to see what offers are currently running for FilePop.
    Get/Try FilePop HD here
  2. AnyDVD – This is a tiny program that runs in the background and will scan any new disc that gets inserted into your drive. Then if there is any copy protection on the disc then it will act as a ‘Robin Hood’ layer between the copying software you are using and the video on the disc. Thus making the disc as free as the same disc your parents made for you from their home movies. AnyDVD is $49 from their site and well worth it. It’s the only software of it’s kind that stay updated which is important because encryptions are constantly changing.anydvd3
  3. Now that you have the decryption layer in place you now need a software that is made for disc copying.  Or just use….
  4. 1Click DVD Copy – is my recommended tool to use for easy (brainless) ways to make perfect dups of any DVD movie. 1Click works perfectly with AnyDVD acting like as a rebel in the background. 1Click also has the necessary features that you would need, like making a copy of a dual layer disc (DVD9) and shrinking it to fit on a single layer DVD (DVD5).  You can also make perfect dual layer copies if you have blank dual layer DVDs to use.  A movie only copy is also available if you just want to skip the commercials and other added features. This is nice for making backups for the kids. This software is $59 from the main site. Here is the main screen of 1Click…1clickdvdtoipodscreen

So there it is, the easiest way to make perfect copies of copy protected DVD movies without having to install crapware that could do damage to your Windows PC. There are a few free tools that will do this but most are not updated anymore and may not work with newer DVD movies.  Also see our best DVD burning software reviews for current software. So if you want to use my 1-2 punch to knock out disc copies then download:

Tell ’em your ‘ol cousin Robby sent ya. And use this combination responsibly by only copying discs that you have the rights for.