How to Choose the Best File Recovery Software

Oops! You just emptied the recycling bin and apparently the file you’ve worked on all day some how made it’s way into the bin. First things first. Do not shutdown the computer or the file may be lost forever. Now you can begin looking for file backup & recovery software that will help you easily find the file. However, not all titles are the same and some may not only be a rip off, but may contain spyware and viruses. Here are a few tips to follow when choosing file recovery software.  If you are a mac user here is a good article on recovering data on a Mac.

Buy for the Future

Just because you deleted a Word document today, doesn’t mean that you’ll delete the same file tomorrow. Computers house a few hundred different file types and buying software that only handles one file type may be inexpensive, but you may have to buy another title farther down the road. Instead of shopping for software that recovers one file type, choose software that will do it all.

Get Up-to-Date Software

Software that was developed even 5 years ago may not do you any good. File types change on a daily basis. This means that if you purchase software that was updated 5 years ago, it may not be able to find the file you need. For example, MOBI files haven’t been around for very long and if you delete one, older software won’t be able to recover it. Always purchase software that was recently updated.

Shop with Well Known Companies

It’s true that Susie’s File Recovery may be an inexpensive title, but you know nothing about the company. Remember that buying software from unknown companies can put your computer at riskfor viruses and spyware. You need to shop with companies you’ve heard of or at least are well respected by other computer users, such as Recover My Files.

Be Careful of the Price

It is recommended that you not spend over $50 on file recovery software.  However, you need to look closely at what you’re getting for the money. Your software should be able to handle basic functions such as recovering files from unbootable hard drives and recovering encrypted files. You also want software that comes with tech support that is easy to reach.

Recovering files can be easy with the right software. However, not all software will meet your need. You need software that will handle all the file types, is up-to-date and comes from a well known company. Last, but not least, remember that price isn’t everything. Some inexpensive titles work just as well, if not better, than the $3000 titles.  There are even a few free solutions that may do simple jobs for you, but if your situation is dire or you don’t want it to get to that point it’s best to choose a software form a reputable company.

Then be sure to always keep a backup of your data on CD/DVD or Blu-Ray. For this you need to use a reliable burning software. Luckily we have reviewed the best in the business.

Thanks to Shannon Smyer who is a computer repair specialist who loves teaching people how to recover files manually or via the use of software programs. She’s also a huge advocate of making proper backups so data is never lost. Shannon helped with the info in this article.