How On Earth Does Satellite Internet Work?

People in many areas are still using dial-up connections just because there are no cable or DSL connections in their areas. There are hundreds of such areas in the world that have no access to any broadband or DSL service to connect to the internet. Hence, they are forced to use the old-fashioned telephone lines to connect to the internet through dial-up connections. This gives the users of those locations a great disadvantage when it comes to availing the latest technologies and communicates with friends and family over fast internet. Faster internet provides a whole lot more features and possibilities that are simply not possible with dial-up connections. According to some, dial-up connections in this era are useless, as their speed is too slow that it will take them, months to download a file of 1GB.

Here we are going to suggest a relatively new and less talked about technology, Satellite Internet. The satellite internet service has made it possible for people living in such rural and hard-to-reach areas (such as mountains), to connect with the internet and get in touch with their family and friends much easily and effectively. The speed of satellite internet is up to 40 times faster than that of Dial up connections. Furthermore the connection charges are not that high, they are actually quite competitive when compared to dedicated DSL/Broadband lines.

How It Actually Works

In a Satellite internet connection, a 2-way dish is installed at your location, which is commonly known as “Satellite Dish”. Do not get confused with this dish and the Satellite television dish, TV dish is actually a 1-way device that can only receive the signals. Whereas, satellite internet dish can both send and receive signals at the same time. These dishes send and receive the data from an actual satellite, which is orbiting in the space, above the earth. According to some reports, satellite has almost 90% of the zip codes of US covered. So the coverage area and availability has increased to a great extent when you opt to go for a satellite internet connection.

The “Satellite Dish” is a mini dish and use the technologies of microwave to send and receive the data signals. They are not required to be placed on the roof, but you can place them on the floor or wall as well. Most of the internet connection providers offer free of charge installation of all equipments at your location.

This dish is then connected to your PC using a satellite modem and cable. The satellite modem is not much different from a DSL or Dialup modem. Some companies have also built wireless modems to be used for Satellite Dishes which further eliminates the requirement of cabling between the PC and the dish.

Satellite internet companies invest huge sum of money into the infrastructure to offer this service. They build several gateways to only route the relevant and authentic signals to the satellite. They also make use of firewalls and other security applications to ensure no un-authorized access is made to the network, and the signals reach the receiver in a safe and efficient way.

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