How is Mobile Technology Changing Our Media Consumption?

Mobile technologies like Smartphones and tablets have become a huge part of our culture and society, and are ubiquitous. It has changed our access to information, people, and everything else that has had a huge impact on our lives. One of the biggest changes, however, maybe the access we have to entertainment and media. With streaming media like Netflix and Hulu, we can take all of our shows and favorite movies with us on the road. Not only has our actions changed in how we take media with us, but also media producers are changing production techniques to cater to the new outlet. Whether it is a television show or movie, mobile technology has changed the way we ingest media and entertainment.

Taking Media on the Road

One thing that has really changed with mobile technology is that we can take all of our favorite entertainment with us. We have become a culture of instant gratification. Services like Netflix and DVR play into this idea already by letting us have instant access to all our favorite shows from our homes. But now, you don’t even have to wait until you’re home to watch these shows.. Netflix has had a mobile app for some time now, but now you can even stream in from your cable and satellite providers’ mobile apps. We now have constant access to what we want to watch, and our watching habits have definitely become more frequent, and from anywhere.

Production Value

This is one thing that people don’t often realize is that production practices have changed with the mobile market in mind. Product placement has always played a big role in funding productions, and that is no different nowadays. What has changed though in terms of mobile technology? It’s the size of the screen, which makes that can of Coca Cola look really tiny, maybe even completely indistinguishable. Now producers have to use more close ups to give to reveal the products that will then be detectable by the audience. Utilizing more close ups has become a more common practice due to the limitations of mobile technology.

So this is how smartphones and tablets have really changed the face of entertainment. Not only are the ways we watch entertainment changing, but even the shows we watch are changing. The mobility of television shows and movies helps us maintain our new found reliance on instant gratification in viewing styles. We now have constant access to all our favorite shows, and our actions are changing the face of production value in our shows and movies. It is unclear how we will continue to shape the production of TV and movies with our viewing practices, but it will constantly be changing.

Bill Thomas is a media and entertainment blogger, and also loves all things tech. He is also a movie buff, and often is utilizing the mobile technology he writes about.