Know How Ink Cartridges are Refilled and Remanufactured

Encompassing requirements ranging from school projects to office reports, a printer has become an important necessity in today’s world. With last minute tasks and obligations being the norm, owning a printer becomes much more convenient than getting it done at a shop. From not waiting in lines to getting a print at anytime, there are several advantages of owning a printer. The greatest disadvantage though is the cost associated with buying new ink cartridges. In these times of recession and financial instability, saving money has become increasingly important. Hence, alternative options such as refilling cartridges and remanufacturing cartridges are slowly gaining popularity among those trying to cut down on printer supply expenses.

What is meant by remanufacturing ink cartridges?

So basically, remanufactured cartridges are the original empty cartridges which, after a series of reprocessing steps, are sold again. The steps involved are – firstly they are collected by a manufacturer or professional. Each cartridge is thoroughly inspected and electrically tested to ensure that the circuits are in proper working condition. Trained technicians perform cleaning on the cartridge to get rid of all remaining ink. This involves vacuum boiling as well as atomizing to completely clean the cartridges. These are then dried and prepared for filling. With proper machinery and equipment, each cartridge is filled with professional grade ink to satisfy OEM specifications. The cartridges are then sealed effectively to prevent chances of leakages. They are then repackaged and resold as remanufactured ink cartridges.

What are refilled cartridges?

Refilling is a fairly simple process and can also be done at home with refill kits. The kits are cheap and available at any computer store, or can be bought from online retailers. It involves simply filling an empty cartridge with ink. The challenge in doing it yourself is that the size of the fill hole is nearly microscopic and requires the use of a syringe. Overfilling and incorrect sealing can also lead to diminished performance. If done correctly, refilled cartridges can offer similar performance to new ones. Refilling can be done several times till the print head wears out.

The general advantages of Refilling and remanufacturing Ink cartridges

The major reason why refilling and remanufacturing have gained so much popularity in the past few years is undoubtedly the low prices. Sometimes, these cartridges can come to you at costs lesser than half the price of a new cartridge. Not only budget friendly, but also these procedures are extremely eco-friendly. Recycling an empty cartridge and reusing it will reduce the waste that is decomposed at a landfill.

Are they worth the risk?

There are concerns regarding the performance and safety of these techniques. Is the money saved really worth the risk? There are several companies out there offering these services online. A wrong choice may cause ink leaks over your room or even destroy your printer. One reputed company which offers good quality refill and remanufactured cartridges is It uses high quality inks from some of the best suppliers. It has up to date machinery and comprehensive refill/remanufacture techniques. With great return policies and amazing feedbacks, it will not let you down.

Here are some closing words on remanufactured and refilled cartridges. Both these procedures are sound and safe. They offer good performance as well and that too at reduced prices.