How Features like Remote and RAID Recovery are leaving the Typical Data Loss Scenarios Behind

Data loss is the biggest hurdle for computer users that may bring horrible situations due to various reasons. Windows systems are used at a large scale that turn out to be well-performing and cost-effective solutions. Some data loss cases may be dealt easily; however, data loss due to severe corruption or damage necessitates a special data recovery solution that could bring the lost data back without tampering the formatting and integrity of the data.

Data Recovery industry is on a boom nowadays because as the new data loss scenarios are coming in front, developers are putting their efforts to deal with all possible cases that are just impossible to deal through manual or inbuilt methods. In the series of such excellent software applications, Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery is one of those that occupy top positions.

The application featured with RAID Recovery allows you to recover data from RAID storage devices. The option lets you recover data from inaccessible or logically corrupt RAID 0, 5, and 6 servers. Moreover, the software has the ability to perform data recovery without a need of controller card and works even when the rebuild operation fails. Since the software supports RAID servers and storage boxes, you can build virtual RAID, search lost or deleted RAID volumes, and perform raw recovery of RAID data using the application. Furthermore, the RAID Recovery feature of the software is able to recover data from hardware as well as software RAID.

You have heard of solutions for normal data loss scenarios that occur on the local computer and are resolved with the software. However, it is a challenge when you intend to recover data over a network, which means you have to recover data from a computer that is placed at another location. What do you choose in such cases? Do you let your data be compromised because of unavailability of a solution? You need not do it now as you are now provided with an outstanding feature named Remote Recovery. Yes, Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery also includes Remote Recovery that allows you to recover data from a remote location. Note that you need to install Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent on all the systems on the network that take part in the recovery process.

The software assures that remote data recovery is performed via a secure connection that establishes between your computer and the destination machine. With remote recovery feature, you will be able to access the computer placed at remote location and recover data from it. It allows you to recover data from any computer on the network.

Following are the points that you need to remember when you decide to perform remote recovery with this feature:

  • Connection between source and destination machines over the network must be established.
  • Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery software must be installed on the source machine

Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent must be installed and running on the target machine.

  • Know the IP address of the target machine so that you can establish a connection between both the machines.
  • While you establish a connection, make sure that port number of both the machines match.

Now that you have fulfilled all the requirements, perform the following steps for using remote recovery feature of the software and recover data from a remote computer:

Step 1: Run Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery on the source computer.

Step 2: Run Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent on the target computer.

Step 3: On the main user interface of the software, navigate to the ‘Advance Option’ tab as shown in the screenshot below:


Step 4: On the displayed screen, click ‘Remote Recovery’.

Step 5: A ‘Stellar Phoenix Remote Recovery Agent’ screen will appear. Enter the IP address of target computer in ‘My IP Address’ text box and enter valid port number in the ‘Port Number’ text box between 1025 – 65535, and then click on ‘Start Agent’ button as shown in the below snapshot.


Step 6: You will see a message stating, “Agent is ready to accept connection.” Click the ‘Connect’ button located on the ‘Remote Recovery’ screen. When connection establishes, you will see a message in the Stellar Remote Recovery Agent client message box.

Once a successful connection establishes between the source and target machine, the volumes and disks of the target machine are listed on the Remote Agent screen. You can easily select the desired data recovery option and reclaim all your lost data.

That’s how you can take advantage of the software to recover the data without any changes or modifications to it. Besides RAID Recovery and Remote Recovery, the application is wrapped with a long list of important features, such as photo recovery, email recovery, CD DVD recovery, different options for scanning, and much more. So, explore the software and find it useful for dealing with cases of severe data loss.