How Does Bluetooth Work?

Bluetooth is a wireless and automatic method of connecting electronic devices together. It provides additional features that are useful to users of computers and other similar machines.

To understand how Bluetooth works, you need to know how this technology establishes a connection. This standard functioning networking occurs in two levels, namely:

  • The physical level – Bluetooth is a radio frequency standard. Hence, it allows devices to establish connection on the physical level;
  • The protocol level – Bluetooth enables the devices to agree upon the time when bits should send and the amount of bits to send at a given time. It also enables devices to confirm if the message sent is the same as the one received.

The process starts when two Bluetooth-capable devices come within one another’s range to allow an electronic conversation to begin between these devices. In here, it is determined whether one device needs to control the other or if they need to transfer data. The devices form a personal area network or PAN during a conversation.

The user simply lets the two devices communicate without activating any button. The PAN guarantees their connection by hopping frequencies in a certain pattern. It closes once the specific process of the Bluetooth devices completes.

The amount of data transfer that Bluetooth is capable of increases with each standard version. The Bluetooth 1.0 standard has a 1 megabit per second transfer rate, while that of the Bluetooth 2.0 standard transfers data by up to 3 megabits per second.

What Bluetooth devices do you have? Do you find them convenient to use?