Highlights of the Windows 8 App Store and Development

The Windows 8 release date in Europe and throughout the world has been announced as Oct. 26 of this year. Windows 8 apps are the highlight and many may be wondering how to reach the Windows 8 Store. Just like the Apple App Store and Ubuntu Apps, Microsoft also started an app store for Windows 8 release. But to my dismay when I searched the internet to reach the app store directly I couldn’t find a clear answer. Then after a thorough Google search I understood that Windows 8 App Store is built directly into Windows 8.

How to Reach the Windows 8 App Store?

As we all know that with Windows 8, Microsoft has renamed “Programs” as “Apps”, “Icons” as “Tiles”, and “Start Screen” with “Start Menu”, it would be little time-taking before we understand the terminology and the latest UI.

So, when you start the Windows 8 on a desktop or a tablet, you will be shown the “Start Screen” instead of the “Start Menu”. The “Start Screen” has many apps and one of them is the “Store” app. You will be required to have a Microsoft Account (or a Windows Live Id as it was previously called) to login into the Store. The ‘Store” tile will be having a “Shopping bag” icon.

How do I Search the Windows 8 Store?

As we already mentioned, to navigate to the Windows 8 Store, click the Store tile on the Start Screen and then press the Windows logo key+ Q or touch swipe from the right edge to open charms, then use the Search charm to search for apps.

As an alternative, you can move the mouse cursor to the top right of your screen. This will display a transparent hidden menu with a “Search Box”. Then you need to change to “Search for Apps” in order to search the Windows 8 Store. Then you need to type in for what you are looking for in the “Search Box”. This is a better alternative as no keyboard input is required except the mouse.

Windows 8 Apps Pricing and Details?

Windows 8 developers unlike their Apple and Google partners cannot price their apps for a low price. As we already know that Google and Apple allow their developers to sell their apps for as low as $0.99, but Microsoft has priced the paid apps at a minimum of $1.49.

But don’t worry; you need not pay for the apps without trying! Microsoft has allowed a 7-day trial period before the customers can try the apps and commit to the full paid version. This is really an interesting consumer advent, as this is not available in iOS or Android.

Just going with the Industry standard, Microsoft will take 30% of the app revenues from the developers. But after sometime if the app profits $25,000, it will only take 20%.

Windows 8 Store Not Working?

Suppose you have installed some apps in the “Developer Preview” (DP) of Windows 8 and would like to find the same in the “Release Preview”, (RP) you can do that in the following way. In RP Open Store, Right click to see new option of ‘Home’ and ‘Your Apps’. Open Your Apps, if you had installed on DP and using the same account on RP, you’ll see it listed there. Install it from there.

Interestingly, some apps which were available in the “Developer Preview” may not be available in the “Release Preview” or the “RTM” version of Windows 8.

As a bottom line you would definitely like the Windows 8 App Store and the apps which will be updated with developers working and Microsoft approving them. Though you may not like to pay for the apps, but the trial period of 7 days is definitely an advantage.

About the Author : Karri Avinash is a Microsoft enthusiast with latest tech trendy articles on his blog. He supports his Uncle Palla Ramarao in writing reviews about Windows products like Windows 8, Office 2013, Outlook.com, Windows 7 and Surface tablet. Palla Ramarao, the main writer is a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time.