What is High-performance Computing?

Advances in technology have opened doors for many industries. Government entities, enterprise companies and research facilities now have the ability to scale up their performance with the use of high-performance computing (HPC) systems. HPC systems allow for data to be efficiently collected, processed, stored and reported. HPC systems are commonly used in high-tech industries. However, demand for HPC systems is rapidly growing among many industries. In fact, it is growing faster than organizations’ in-house data centers can expand. Implementation of in-house HPC systems is also quite expensive.

Companies are looking for alternatives to in-house HPC implementation. Houston colocation centers offer HPC systems services.

What is High Performance Computing? 

HPC systems use parallel processing  to reliably, quickly and efficiently run advanced application programs. HPC systems are commonly found in researching, engineering and academic industries. However, some lower-level industries require HPC systems, as well. Most HPC systems require custom components, referred to as “commodity” components. To use a HPC system, a company should use colocation centers capable of providing optimum speed, accuracy and reliability.

High-Density and Cooling Requirements

HPC environments require a higher density of power. Reputable colocation centers have high-density cabinets that support conditioned, uninterruptible power connections. Those wanting to use HPC systems should find centers that are fitted for high-density deployments.

HPC environments also produce significantly more heat than standard server environments. A continuous water supply for chilled water cooling also is vital feature for HCP servers. A Houston data center can provide this and other cooling options.

As multiple levels of redundancy are a feature of a Houston colocation center’s power infrastructure, it is ideal to for HPC systems. Redundancy from the substations to distribution within the data center creates a reliable power infrastructure. This level of redundancy keeps the HPC environment operational in the case of a major power outage.

Private Cloud Computing

High performance computing systems can utilize cloud computing with a Houston colocation center. If your business requires HPC, companies should find a facility that offers enterprise and service provider access to a computing environment. A Houston colocation center provides the latest technology, storage and service solutions for HPC systems. It will also automatically scale to your IT requirements for cloud computing. Get access to private servers, storage facilities, hosts and even clusters, all from a cloud computing service for HPC.

What to Look for in High Performance Computing Storage

If your business utilizes high performance computing systems, you need a Houston data center capable of:

  • Cloud computing
  • Modular data centers
  • Network neutrality
  • High-density performance
  • Redundant power
  • Disaster recovery
  • Significant security

HPC storage costs significantly more than traditional Houston colocation services, but the performance, security and reliability outweigh the costs 10-fold. Since Houston colocation centers are specifically designed to house HPC systems, they offer less outage, fewer disruptions and less interference than in-house data storage.

When seeking a Houston data center for HPC storage, look for those that focus solely on colocation. Since HPC requires high-density power,  a facility must meet those demands while providing data storage to multiple customers.

Jason Wynn discusses colocation opportunities in the Houston Area. Jason helps educate readers about the benefits of colocation and data centers for companies of all sizes.