Finding the Right Headphones – Areas to Consider

If you’re genuinely passionate about music, you must also be passionate about the quality of sound. This love for the latter will unfold over years of finding new tracks and choosing the best environments in which to enjoy them. Eventually, after thousands of hours of listening, don’t be ashamed to consider sound quality equal to music choice.

In fact, the two tend to run alongside each other when the listening experience is defined. Everyone subconsciously considers production when tuning in to their favourite albums, as the mastering process will enable certain elements of the track to stand out. It’s highly probable that your favourite pieces of instrumentation have been fed through a range of effects, with a great deal of attention applied to ensuring clarity. It’s through listening to these parts that you develop a care for music production and quality.

You then grow accustomed to a certain standard of quality and will look to tune into this level everytime you listen. One way of doing so on a personal level is by investing in a good quality set of headphones, although the biggest price doesn’t always provide the biggest sound.

The best pair of headphones for you will reflect your taste and requirements, like most purchases in that sense. Here are the key things to consider when conducting your search..


Although most headphone manufacturers like to think they’re creating a highly versatile product, any pair of headphones will play a particular genre or style of music better than others. If it’s got bass boosting capability, the pair will suit one of R&B, dance or rap, where deep kicks and bass hooks line the tracks. Some will offer superior definition through treble boosts, in which case they’ll play your acoustic and vocal-heavy selections like a treat. For something a little louder though, they may come up short.

The best way to search for genre headphones is to take note of product descriptions. Reputable dealers will state whether the pair have a powerful stereo or a rich bass playback in order to advertise their product. Alternatively, search for somewhere to try them out.

 Size/weight matters

Record producers have no qualms with buying the biggest possible headphones in order to benefit from kilograms worth of technology. On the other hand, the average commuter will be looking to save weight where they can – particularly around their necks. This is why size and weight play a crucial role in the headphone selection process.

As you’d expect, product dimensions should be listed on every site you come across. All you need to do is consider your primary use of them. If you’re partial to a spot of home listening and don’t have to commute far, you could afford to invest in a heavier pair of cans and look for in-ear headphones for your short travels. Applying attention to detail will give you the best chance of finding the right headphones for you.


A lot of people will advise you against buying a pair or Beats by Dre or Bose Quietcomfort 15s just for the brand. If at any point you feel enticed by the logo, this proves they’re right. However, you must consider your reasons for doing so.

Although music technology attracts its fair share of show offs, other audiophiles invest in household brands as it provides them with a great deal of assurance. You’ve probably invested in a fair few pairs of budget earphones and will be aware of their limited lifespan and playback capabilities. Well, that’s a good enough reason to look for an upmarket product when choosing the right pair of headphones for you.

On the other hand, don’t be misled by an unknown brand. Just because they’re not on all the billboards, doesn’t mean they can’t compete with pairs that are. Scour web forums to get a deep look into a brand you don’t recognise, as this will provide a general consensus from people that have experienced the technology first hand. Happy searching!

Author Bio

Danielle White writes articles on electronics and gadgets in her spare time and is an early adopter of new technologies. She stays with her family in London.