Guidelines For Dealing With PC Printer Issues


124 PC printers have become quite affordable and this has contributed greatly to their extensive usage by computer owners across the world. This is the reason why, along with computers, there has been great leaps in printer technology. Users today have various choices to select a computer printer based on their needs and how much they want to spend. However, printer maintenance and services of a printer technician still remain expensive and out of reach of most home users and small businesses. In order to save costs, there has been a lot of research on the Internet regarding various printer issues to ascertain whether there is an affordable way to deal with printer issues.

While there are a few hardware-related printer issues that only a qualified technician can rectify, most other printer issues are related to DLL errors (an essential part of printer drivers), which can be solved by users with the help of the correct information and a few useful tools. These DLL errors can disrupt your printing process and cause huge losses in productivity.

So, without much ado, let us identify the reasons behind these printer-related DLL errors and then enlist certain guidelines which will help resolve these errors.

Reasons behind DLL Errors:

  1. If an obsolete printer driver is installed on your system, you will get DLL errors and your printer will not function.
  2. When you install a new application, it may disrupt the DLL files which are related to your printer. For example, installation of a new application may cause problems with the HP DeskJet printer driver file, hpzimc09.dll.
  3. Missing DLL files are another common reason for errors and you may get a message like “This application has failed to start because PICSDK.dll not found.
  4. Some errors may occur because of an incompatibility between the printer and the type of file. An example of this is the inability of HP LaserJet 1020 to print Acrobat PDF files. You will get the following error in such cases:
    “Faulting application spoolsv.exe, version 5.1.2600.2696, faulting module ZSR.DLL, version 6.20.1625.0, fault address 0×0001f979.”

Dealing with Printer DLL Problems

To begin troubleshooting DLL Printer problems, you must start by analyzing the error message. If the file is not found, then there could be two possibilities. Either the file has been deleted by mistake or a malware is preventing the file from being detected.  To rectify this situation, you should first search for the file in the Recycle Bin or the quarantine folder of your antimalware tools. If you find the file, restore it to resolve the problem.

If you don’t find the file this way, download the missing DLL file from an official source and save it in the correct file folder. If this doesn’t work out, you may need to uninstall and then re-install the application associated with the DLL file.

If the file is present but not being detected, then you must sweep your PC with a robust anti-malware tool. This will help you take care of any issues caused by malware infections.

If an outdated printer driver is the culprit, you may either try downloading the latest version of the driver or use a driver detection and update tool which will automatically update your drivers.

Printer DLL errors may occur due to incorrect or invalid entries in the Windows registry. To resolve this issue, you need to clean and repair your registry. You can accomplish this task easily with the help of a registry repair tool.