Guide to Buying Your First Digital Camera

Do you remember your first camera? I don’t. But that is probably because it was some cheap throw away disposable camera I was given as a child. However, I do remember my first digital camera because I bought it when I was 23, and from my experiences here is a quick guide to finding the best digital camera for you.

Know what your main activities will be

You would be surprised at the amount of people that have more money than sense, and by that I mean people that buy a relatively expensive camera knowing they are using it to go travelling or take to the nightclub, YOU DO NOT NEED A £500 CAMERA! When I went travelling I went through 3 different cameras, each one cost me around £100 each. Unsurprisingly when young people go travelling cameras tend to get lost, stolen or end up in the sea or a swimming pool somehow. If you are buying it for more civilised photo’s then spending a bit more is perfectly acceptable.

Is the number of pixels important?

When I first bought my camera I thought the more pixels the better, but however true this is there is only a few occasions you really need to use more than 6 pixels to get the picture you need. Indeed when taking pictures in the highest quality on my camera its space was taken up quickly, so I operated it on normal as opposed to fine most of the time.  Indeed my friend’s camera took better picture than mine despite being the same in pixels; this is because she had a better CCD sensor, which actually is more important to picture quality.


The type of batteries you need depends once again on the purpose of your camera. In my opinion digital cameras using specialised batteries are usually higher quality, but if you are on the road a lot, as I was, and in poor countries, having a camera that takes normal batteries means you can stock up on them and ultimately you won’t get caught short on power when visiting different places of interest.


You can really get some great cheap digital cameras these days, so my advice is to shop around, look online and don’t rush into buying the first camera you see. If I can recommend some cameras brands that perform well at the lower end of the market it has to be Canon and Fuji, I also am a fan of Sony.

Matthew is a copywriter who has owned many cameras, mainly because he loses them. His client has a wide Digital camera and digital slr camera selection from which to choose.