Guest Posters Wanted!

Recently, I have been getting many requests to host a guest post here at WindowsTalk, so I thought I would outline a few requirements here as well as make a call for new submissions.
What I am looking for in a post:

    • an original article written with good English grammar. Any that are not will be rejected.
    • articles for Windows PC users, about new technology, software or hardware reviews (no Apple or Android articles, please)
    • approximately 300 to 400 words
    • include an author bio with one link back to your site (no affiliate links, please)
    • I reserve the right to make spelling & grammatical corrections where necessary
This is a great opportunity to reach other readers in your niche and expand your audience. Even if you do not currently have a blog or website, feel free to write about a recent PC experience you had, such as shopping for a new PC/laptop, some new software you tried, or anything related to computers, like digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.
You can contact me via the Contact page; just select “Guest Post” in the Subject list. Alternatively, you can get a guest post published much faster (within 3 days) if you use Fiverr. My profile can be found here: