Guatemala prepares to tackle cell phone theft through tracking

With the increase in technology, there has been proportional increase in the rate of cell phone theft. The more the technology gets sophisticated, the smaller the gadgets become in size, making them easier to carry in hands, pockets or hand bags – thus, making them vulnerable to all the possible incidents of theft. However, to counter these thefts, several tracking devices have come in the market to locate the stolen gadgets.

National database for Guatemala

Guatemala has joined the league of countries, which is suffering from increase in cell phone theft and the numbers of crimes associated with it. According to a recent survey on the number of cell phone thefts, it was revealed almost 10,000 cell phones are stolen in the country every month. In lieu of increase in theft, the country is planning to create a national database to control the growing number of cell phone thefts. These robberies fund the local thugs on streets, which is a reason to worry for the citizens and police alike. Cell phone monitoring software is an essential tool to help track these stolen phones. Both Android and iPhone monitoring software are available in the market to help capture the robbers.

In a roundtable conference held this year, government officials, political leaders and cell phone company representatives have presented two data lists, which is also provided to the police. The first list contained the numbers of all the cell phones in the country, while the other was a list of stolen cell phones. Furthermore, the Superintendent of Telecommunications was made responsible to update the lists.

Protecting the citizens’ property

The law requires the cell phone users to provide their personal information on purchase of a cell phone. In addition to the details of the user, they will be required to leave their fingerprints, which would be saved against the details they have provided. With all this data and information available to the law enforcing authorities, it would be easier to curb the crime rate of cell phone theft in the country.

This will result in a decrease in cell phone robberies and the failed attempts will also be registered to counter the problem.

Concerns of cell phone companies

On the other hand, cell phone companies have a reason to worry about. Companies have to hire extra human resource in order to manage the database of clients. According to a rough estimation, one thousand and five hundred employees need to be hired by the companies to manage the influx of information provided by the users. This task may be a little difficult when carried out in the rural areas, as lack of exposure and man power would lead to difficulties. Another issue will arise in maintaining and protecting the information in the database.

Nonetheless, the increase in cell phone robberies means that such a law is a necessity to safe guard the property and will reduce the crime rate of the country.