Got SkyDrive?

If you haven’t checked out this free online storage option from Microsoft, now is the time to do so. It offers 5GB of storage for your documents, pictures, videos, music and more. What is even better is that you have the choice to keep folders private or share them with whomever you choose (or make them public).

Here’s a screen capture of my SkyDrive window:


You can upload files one at a time with the standard uploader or you can optionally install a small ActiveX control to upload files in bulk by dragging and dropping them in a window. There is a 50MB per file upload limit. Also, you cannot upload folders, only files. You can easily create new folders in your SkyDrive space if you wish.

A great way to share files between friends and family, especially if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) limits the size of email attachments. Check out SkyDrive here.

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