Got Malware? Follow this Guide to get rid of it!

Do you think your computer is infested with malware? Is it exhibiting some (or all) of these symptoms:

  • The computer shows strange error messages or popups.
  • The computer takes longer to start and runs more slowly than usual.
  • The computer freezes or crashes randomly.
  • The homepage of your Internet browser has changed.
  • Google search results are being redirected (random websites).
  • You can’t access security related websites.
  • You can’t open files (exe).
  • You can’t connect to the Internet or it runs slowly.
  • The computer is performing actions on its own.
The above is just a partial list of strange behaviours you may be seeing while online.
Recently, I came across a site with an excellent malware removal guide at Select Real Security:

This guide will help you remove malicious software from your computer. If you think your computer might be infected with a virus or trojan, you may want to use this guide. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove malware from Windows operating system. It highlights free malware removal tools and resources that are necessary to clean your computer. You can even download (and print) a PDF version of the guide to have handy in case you cannot access the Internet at the time.

This is definitely a great site to bookmark with your browser (just press Ctrl + D), so even if your PC is running fine now, you never know when it may start acting up!