Google Reader Says Goodbye; Are We Noticing A Pattern With Google’s Applications?

google_readerMany people have their own unique way of finding out world news, tech news, and even breaking news. Some through television, text message alerts, and even through Google Reader. For me, Google Reader has been a daily routine.

Before my work day started and emails began to pour in, I would take 15 minutes to scroll and scan through my Reader, to see the latest news, and even saved articles to send to coworkers, friends, and family.

However, when I logged on just a few weeks ago, I got an alert that Google Reader will be retiring July 1st of 2013. If 10,000 people signed a petition for Google to change their version of Google Reader back in 2011, image how angry they are now.

Google is constantly growing and coming out with new applications, and just when we start to get attached or used to it, we get the bad news, although, Google is good about giving you enough time to readjust and save all the data you stored.

Also retiring on July 31st, 2013 is another app that was on the homepage of many computers, iGoogle, however, they gave a 16 month notice, giving us plenty of time to not only restore and save all our data, but also to readjust without their app.

As we all know, when the search engine giant comes out with something new, they don’t even have to promote it or talk about it. Their new app works for itself and the word gets spread, sometimes faster than other times, but their survival doesn’t run off of newly developed apps.

Their pattern of retiring apps has hit some people pretty hard. Some people are even tempted to not sign up for new Google Apps, as they are afraid it’s just going to get retired in a year or so.

However, their anger shouldn’t last long, just until Google comes out with something else new, or have they already? Google+ is predicted to not retire, and is constantly growing to become one of the top social media sites.

This Retirement Didn’t Just Affect People

As fans of Google Reader and news junkies are upset, imagine how upset the businesses are that relied on Google Reader? Many third party apps such as Pulp, Reeder, and NetNewsWire rely on Google Reader to sync in certain data or to go off of Reader as a base. Now, developers at these apps are facing a challenge on finding another way to sync in information. That is, unless Google changes their mind, which is less likely to happen.

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