Google Maps for iPhone Review

At last, the Google Maps app that was booted from iOS 6 three months ago, has returned today. With this, the iPhone 5, iPad and other Apple devices will be able to use better navigation. Over these days, there have been a lot of criticism against Apple’s Maps. Recently, police in Australia even warned people against using Apple Maps. Let’s have a look at the new Google Maps for iOS in here.

Google Maps can be downloaded from the Apple app store for iPhone for free. The maps feature turn-by-turn navigation. Earlier, Apple Maps used to have turn-by-turn navigation that in fact led a number of users to unknown locations and as a result, Apple’s CEO had to apologize publicly through Apple website.

Google’s maps did not provide such features as turn-by-turn navigation to Apple devices. Google reserved such features for its Android phones. This was one of the reasons why Apple removed Google’s Maps application from App store. However, after their Maps attempt proved to be a debacle, Apple now wants Google’s Maps badly.

Through the Maps app, you can sign into Google and store important information in the app such as your home address and your work address, and it can deliver navigation data right into your hands. Nokia also released its own Maps app based on HTML 5 into the Apple store. The ratings of Nokia’s app is not up to the mark though.

Google Maps app is full fledged and well designed. It is smooth and works well with multi-touch gestures and swipe actions. Google maps search is at the top of the app, and menus provide access to important features. The features like 3D mode in Apple maps is not available on Google Maps, however, the app is much more reliable than Apple’s.

Google Maps will be a welcome change to Apple iPhone and iPad users who have been looking for a better maps application. Since Apple also was slumped after its failure with maps, they welcomed Google’s app into the app store.

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About Author: Laurel Shah-Williams works for Blue Bugle, a technology magazine online.