6 Good Reasons Not to Download Warez and Participate in Software Piracy

Warez is a nickname for pirated software which is the un-authorised copying and distribution of legal copyrighted software. Warez hacks and cracks (or crackz) are all terms used in this illegal activity that is ramped throughout the world. You may have heard these terms or you might even have illegal software on your computer, but either way, here are some good reasons not to download warez and participate in this illegal activity.

It is Called STEALING

If you walked into a retail store and picked up the latest console game and chucked it in your pocket, it would be called stealing. You would be extremely embarrassed if you got caught stealing something from the shop. But when people download these expensive games for free off the Internet, they forget that it is still stealing someone’s product.

Unfortunately there is a big gap between stealing from a shop and downloading the digital version of the same product in your own home, but theft is theft.

Blacken Your Name With the Copyright Alert System

If you get your Internet through AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Verizon and you’re one of the millions who prefer downloading Game of Thrones, Dexter, and the Big Bang Theory for free through illicit channels, you may get a letter from your ISP letting you know that your copyright transgression has been spotted by the copyright holders’ ref. The “ref” is Thomson Reuters-owned firm MarkMonitor, which has 100 employees in its anti-piracy group and a suite of automated tools for watching Torrent sites to catch the IP addresses sharing and downloading content.


The consequences of being caughtwith are unclear but there have been some arrests in regards to software piracy.

The Software Has Been Tampered With

To get legitimate software to work without paying for it and having a proper license key, hackers manipulate the software internally. Sometimes not even a well experienced IT guys can notice a hidden file or monitoring program that has been planted within the software to watch every move you make.

The Warez is Risky

Installing the software on your computer is just a stupid thing to do. For starters, the methods used to crack the software are dodgy and create unsustainable software. So even if the software works, it will be affecting your computer in some way or another.

Then we have to consider the fact that there might be something contained in this software as it is not from a genuine manufacturer.Even if you install Warez on a virtual machine, not all virtual machines are secure and if you’re software contains a virus it could escape.

Software can already be dangerous because the actual user has no idea of its capability. But when the software has been altered by a Black Hat hacker, it is even more reason to be suspect.

Might be Free Now But Later it Will Cost

People get excited when they can download software for free and do not think about the consequences. You might think that this illegal software can just could give you a virus but that is not all it can do. I mean who cares about viruses when you already have your computer protected with top antivirus software?

People’s identities have been stolen which is worth far more than a simple computer, a virus, or even your most precious files. Hackers can sign up for credit cards and spend money like it’s going out of fashion, and all in your name. When that happens you will never think about downloading warez again.

Our Economy Could Use The Money

Forget about you being only one little person in the universe downloading illegal software.

Check out the findings below, provided by http://globalstudy.bsa.org/2011/. A huge 57% freely admit that they use pirated software and the commercial value of this stolen software is up to $63 billion in 2011. Imagine what it would be costing our economy in 2013?

software piracy


Stop thinking it is not stealing and think about the deeper consequences. There are probably less jobs in the software manufacturing area because there are less sales, which can definitely impact on our economy.