Giveaway of PDF Converter – PDFZilla

For WindowsTalk readers: there is a 20-day giveaway (until March 14th, 2012) of the All-In-One PDF Converter – PDFZilla at The PDFZilla original price is $49.95 USD, but during the giveaway period it is for free for all visitors and users.

PDFZilla is a Windows desktop utility that quickly and accurately converts PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files. 

PDFZilla exporting format list:

1 – DOC: MS Word Format
2 – RTF: Rich Text Format
3 – TXT: Plain Text Format
4 – BMP: Bitmap Picture Format
5 – JPG: JPEG Image Format
6 – GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
7 – PNG: Portable Network Graphic Format
8 – TIF: Tagged Image File Format
9 – HTML: Webpage Format
10 – SWF: Flash Animation Format

The giveaway is 100% free and full functional. Giveaway promotion page: