Getting Your Files Ready for Windows 7

Library Folders (2) As of this writing, the release of Windows 7 is a little over a month away. If you are planning on getting a copy, there are some things you can do now to prepare for Windows 7.

One big job is to organize and backup all your personal data like digital photos, mp3s, documents and emails. How you do this is up to you. You can use the tools built into Windows, or simply copy the files to a USB stick, external hard drive or CDs and/or DVDs.

One great freeware tool for copy files is Microsoft’s SyncToy which I regularly use to copy my music files, digital images and other data files to an external hard drive. I use Windows Live Hotmail for my email program, so I don’t have to worry about backing them up, since they are all stored online.

One backup program I recently came across is GFI Backup Home Edition, which is a freeware offering from, which makes enterprise-level software. It has very low system requirements and runs on XP and Vista.
You may want to give it a try:

The important thing is to choose an easy to use, easy to follow backup regimen so that you actually do it regularly.