How To Get Your Things For Even Cheaper Online

Most of us these days are savvy enough to know that we can save a lot of money by going online, and in the vast majority of cases we know it’s smart to look on Amazon or eBay before making pretty much any purchase. We know that we can often get cheaper rates on energy bills by managing them online, and we know that price comparison sites can be useful for finding the cheapest rates on various types of insurance.

But these are just the basics. If you want to really save some money, and if you want to use the internet even more smartly, then there are ways that you can save even more money and that you can make each of these tricks more effective still. Read on to find out how you can maximise the effectiveness of these strategies and really save yourself a lot of cash in the process…

Combine Shipping

If you are buying products online, then one of the few downsides is that you will have to pay for shipping on top of the costs of the items themselves. A way to reduce this additional cost though, is to look buy multiple items from the same seller at once where possible. This way you can combine the shipping for all those items and have them sent to you together so that you pay less for postage.

There are other ways you can reduce shipping costs too. One is to buy ‘collection only’ items on eBay – which means that you go and collect them from the seller rather than expecting them to send them, and another is simply to think ahead and factor those shipping costs into your purchasing decisions. eBay lets you list the items that come up in order of price combined with postage, so that way you can find the best deal and choose those items first.

Group Buy

The cheapest items you can find online are no doubt the wholesale ones. These are items that are designed to be sold to shops and other large groups in bulk – you order more of them up front so that you can spend less.

The problem with buying wholesale is that most of us don’t want to buy fifty pairs of the same jeans – unless we’re characters in a cartoon. Thus a smarter option is to team up with a group of people who all want the same item and then to buy those things in bulk. You don’t have to find those like minded people yourself either – there are plenty of group buy sites online where you can find people to team up with.

Cashback Sites

Cashback sites are sites which offer to pay you for buying particular items. This might sound too good to be true, but in this case it’s legitimate. The way these sites make their money is by referring you to other vendors and getting a commission. They can afford to pay you to use their service because they split the commission with you once you’ve made the purchase. That way they get more profit too because more people want to use them as referrers and everyone wins.

Pay Direct

If you are buying something online such as an app, an eBook or even a cool desktop toy, then sometimes you can save money by contacting the seller directly and asking them if they’ll send you the product for less if you pay directly. This can work because it means cutting out the middle-man who will often take a cut of the profits. You can find the e-mail addresses of sellers on the Google Play store for instance – so why not e-mail them and ask them to send their app to you for a little less and e-mail it over? It won’t always work (piracy is an issue, as is updates), but if you want an expensive app and don’t care about updates it can do.

Likewise you can sometimes save money on an eBay auction by emailing the seller directly when they’re running an auction. Even if there’s no buy-it-now price, if you can offer an incentive – such as agreeing to collect the item – you will find you can often save yourself some time and money that way.

There are plenty more ways you can use the web to save more money on top of the savings you’re already making, so use some imagination and be sure to share what you come up with!

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Today’s feature writer, Phil Taylor, is a financial consultant at Instant Life Insurance, a firm that provides life insurance in Canada. He has a lot of experience in the field and shares his knowledge through his blogs. He likes sports and is a big fan of hockey.