Get Rid Of That Antiquated Fax Machine!

A fax message sits – in fact, sleeps – on an antiquated fax device until somebody processes it and hands it over to its rightful recipient. Till then, the recipient has to wait, and wait, and wait – without even knowing that there’s an important message waiting for him.

Sometimes, an important document can arrive after-office hours or just before the start of the weekend. This is something that will make it sit on the machine for many hours or days before it is viewed and acted on.

A fax that is received on a fax device is unsecure. Anyone passing by that fax machine can read it and even possibly get access to confidential information, which can be critical to a business’s success.

Receiving or sending a large number of documents over the age-old fax device is a pain in the you-know-where. Sometimes, people get bored and fed-up of faxing a document that contains 100s of pages, and the results can be painful, pointless and very unproductive.

If you want to fax a document stored in your computer, you have to print it. This makes you waste paper, toner and loads of time. Moreover, one of your employees has to bend over, punch in the recipient’s fax number, insert one paper after another into the right slot because the device does not allow you to fax multiple documents in one go, wait for the fax tone at the other end (after the busy tone ends), and then start pushing the document, one page after another.

Most fax devices allow people to send a fax to one recipient. A few, expensive fax devices enable multiple-recipient faxing. However, if a business owner has to fax one marketing communication to 100s of recipients, then the fax device is a strict no-no.

We’re sure you have experienced all the problems listed above and are sick and tired of your bulky, chemical-containing fax machine that mows down trees and spews out toxins.

Why not switch to email-to-fax technology by signing up with an online fax service?

An email-to-fax service allows you to:

  • a. Fax large documents within the space of one minute. All you have to do is email them and wait for them to be received on the recipient’s analog fax machine. It’d work better for the recipient if he has signed up with an online fax service.
  • b. Send documents that read just like the original. No degradation, and no corruption of the fonts.
  • c. Save money. You don’t need energy to operate a fax machine, you don’t need a telephone line, you don’t need paper and toner – all you need is a smartphone or PC and an internet connection.
  • d. Go green.
  • e. And more, much more.

So, are you still hunched over your old fax device? It’s time to move on to an online fax.

Boyde Cartwright is a blogger and environmentalist who believes in using the internet to fax stuff.