Microsoft in 2015: Get Ready for Windows 10!

Just when you thought things were great, they have gotten even better! The January 21st launch of Windows 10 has taken all of us to new levels in both business and personal computing, and promises to be an exciting adventure for all of us. Geared more toward mobile and cloud computing, Microsoft execs clearly state their goal – to keep the current 1.5 billion users to add billions more! With claims of greater security and sublimely updated features and apps, users are further enticed by free upgrades to all current users of Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, so long as that upgrade occurs within the first year of the launch. So what’s so great about Windows 10? Have a brief look!

Cortana – A computing love affair!

While this personal assistant has only been available for Windows Phone users, she is now available to PC and tablet user as well. She will track your usage and use that information to provide you with additional relat4d information and reminders, based upon your usage. User interaction with Cortana is easier and faster either by voice or typing.

Project Spartan – Editing and Annotation

This new browser allows you to annotate right on the web page, by pen or keyboard. You can also more easily share content with friends and read in clear, plain text with no distractions. Using Cortana to locate information through “Spartan” will speed up your searches!

Xbox Live and Apps

Gamers will appreciate the smooth and seamless transition from one device to another, not to mention better speed and graphics, as well as interaction with other gamers around the globe!

Office – New Versions

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Outlook have all undergone new improvements. Touch controls have been enhanced, such as the ability to annotate slides and edit/update data in spreadsheets without mouse or keyboard. More updates to Office will be rolled out as 2015 progresses, so watch for them!

2-in-1 Devices are Honored!

Windows 10 will automatically detect user transitions from touch, to keyboard, to mouse, and it will switch modes seamlessly – a great feature for students and busy professionals “on-the-go!”

Built-In Apps

Video, pictures, maps, music, messaging and mail have all been updated, and everything is synced through OneDrive. Users may start on one device and pick up exactly where they left off on another – sort of like the DVR systems that cable providers now offer!

While the stated goal of Microsoft is to simplify and ease personal user experiences on and across all devices, there are a couple of pretty significant innovations that will impact business, commerce, and research.


How cool is it that users can create and share 3-dimensional holograms within the world around them, and do wirelessly! The future use of this feature can only be more and more exciting, as users access information, develop models, access entertainment, and as both individuals and organizations interact with one another!

Surface Hub

What we have been accustomed to seeing on such shows as NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, Windows 10 can power up large-screen devices for visual and verbal communication among groups of people no matter where they may be and no matter what device they may use to join the conversation! This feature comes with digital white-boarding capability and allows participants in a meeting or discussion to edit and share content from any location and on any device! Currently, two sizes of large screens may be used, but this will certainly change as the innovation progresses.

It’s only January, folks. And the people at Microsoft are not sitting around basking in their successes. As 2015 marches on, you can expect modifications, enhancements, and new features to be added to Windows 10 as consumer use is tracked, monitored, and as user feedback comes in!

Author’s bio: Julie Ellis believes that, only through experiential knowledge does one become an engaging and creative writer. Her degree in Journalism and a host of real-world study and experience has made her a permanent and popular blogger for