Get Hooked To E-Book with Nook- Carry It while Traveling

Every generation demands something new which is concomitant to its tastes and preferences.  With the advent of electronic media and the subsequent offshoots, conventional reading is slowly losing its shin. The psychological panorama for reading is fast evolving, and people prefer reading with visual effect. On another note, conventional reading through books and newspapers will always have a dig in society, but the concept of e-reading and e-books is no less scintillating. People want to have something that can help them in reading even while they are travelling that too without books. Nook is a perfect gadget for the young generation and is getting popular day by day. People are using this amazing gadget for reading. This makes it possible for them to read books even while travelling. You need not have to carry heavy books with you any more while going on a trip. Have a nook and experience e reading anywhere.

Reasons for change and Concept

The shifting patterns of reading in every culture emphasize on one uniform fact. People want some fun and flamboyance in their reading. This is not related to the content, but relates to the visual impact of the book. E-books are designed specifically to suit such shifting patterns and take the pleasures of reading to a new high altogether. It is a cybernetic treat for the reader who is enamored of the new mode reading. Different applications and procedures all devised and designed for mobile reading makes this a welcome change. The Barnes and Noble Nook, popularly called Nook, is a type of electronic-book reader conceptualized and created by American book conglomerate Barnes and Noble. The device is based on the Android cliche and incorporates AT&T 3G wireless system and Wi-Fi. The E-ink display is of six inches and another smaller touchscreen functions as the main input device. A joint-venture with Microsoft will transform the Nook business concerns with colleges into subsidiaries.


The Nook E-reader comes with replaceable and rechargeable battery which promises solid backup in times of emergency. This is really a happy sign for reading lovers who have to travel a lot. They can now enjoy their reading with nook without worrying about the battery. With an internal storage capacity of 2GB and an inbuilt microSD, expansion till 16GB makes the E-reader as trusted companion for readers. You can store your favorite texts and dialects with no chain of compromises whatsoever. The color control display gives you awesome reading experience as you can adjust the color and graphics according to your wish. The dimensions and weight of the device is not a problem, and you can carry it comfortably to any destination.


The glow light version, commonly known as Nook Glow is a simple touch reader with inbuilt LED style. This feature is an added impetus because you can read with ease in the dark too. There is no scope for incandescent lighting in the Nook device, and you can expect a tremendous visual effect. The LCD patterns have Nook Color and Nook Tablet under its realm. The latter’s 16 gigabyte storage facility is gradually becoming a reader’s darling with its enormous space and dynamics. With enhanced features for comprehensive reading, it has replaced Nook Color in the price range.

Nook makes your job easy in case you are using third party devices. Nook gives you a variety of e-reader applications for reading on other devices.  If you have tablets, then the free reading applications are iPad, android tablet and Nooks Kids for iPad. In case of smartphones too, you can avail of different applications. Another offering called the Nook study applies to digital study tools. It enables you to read e-books and other similar stuff which are obtained from other e-reading devices. You are free to do many annotations and attach text notes from different search engines. So, what are you waiting for? If you still don’t have this superb gadget go for it today. Why to ignore reading while travelling when you can easily enjoy it with nook. Get hooked to e-book with nook and experience some great fun.

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