Monitoring a PC with Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

If you’re looking to monitor the activities that are partaken on your computer while you’re away then you’ll need computer monitoring software. This software, as the name implies, will secretly monitor your computer at all times, while keeping a record of everything that’s happened. Computer Monitoring Applications are evolved versions of keyloggers, which used to only monitor keystrokes. These days, anything can be tracked!
The reasons for using Computer Monitoring Software are wide ranging, from monitoring your teenagers computer to make sure their doing their homework, to monitoring an employees computer that you suspect of wasting company time. Whatever the reasons, Gecko Monitor can help you by stealthily monitoring everything that goes on while you’re not around. Once installed, the user will not be able to find any traces of the software in the task manager, start menu, program files directory or the add/remove programs list, and will only be made visible by entering a secret key combination, followed by a user defined password. Once Gecko Monitor is brought out of hidden mode, you’ll be able to see the reports under a series of tabs.

Tab one is the home tab, which shows a basic snapshot of what Gecko Monitor’s been up to. The second tab is the screenshot tab, which shows screenshots taken at set intervals, or whenever a new window has been made active. The third tab is the keystrokes tab, which shows everything that has been typed, along with the application or website it has been typed into and the time and date of the activity. Tab number four is the websites tab, which shows all websites visited along with the time and date of visit. Five is the applications tab, which shows all applications used along with the time and date.
The next three tabs incorporate everything to do with files, documents and printers. Here you can see all files or documents opened, saved, moved or deleted, and what has been printed. You can also see anything that has been copied and pasted on the clipboard.
The final tab is the timeline feature, which shows an easy to understand line of events, mixing screenshots, keystrokes, applications used and websites visited. You can drag the timeline back and forth to see what’s happened and various parts of the day. The timeline feature is quick and easy to use, especially if you just want to see a brief snapshot of what’s been happening.
Of course, Gecko Monitor wouldn’t be complete without a toolbox of settings to customize how your computer is being monitored. Within the settings window you can do things like set up remote email reporting, so that you receive the reports straight in your inbox without having to log back into the computer the software is installed on.
If you’d like to find out more about Gecko Monitor, or take the software for a test drive with the free trial, head to the website at