GDocsOpen – Open Document Files from your PC using Google Docs

If you’ve been using Google Docs intensely you probably faced one or both of these problems:

Problem A

  • you work on a document locally, on MS Office or Open Office.
  • you need to share it with people and maybe work collaboratively on it – so you decide to use Google Docs.

Problem B

  • there’s no Office software installed on your PC. Or maybe there is, but the trial license has expired.

GDocsOpens is a light (under 2 MB download) and easy to use Windows application which allows one to double click to edit doc, xls, ppt, odt, csv and other document types. These operations are done using Google Docs. The remote and local versions of the file are synchronized.

They have just released version 3.0. It has a friendlier user interface, drag and drop functionality and the most requested feature by users – the ability to open documents inside their favourite internet browser instead of our own application’s embedded IE.

You can also use it just to upload documents to your Google Docs account and open them locally with a Office software of your choosing.

GDocsOpen was released in early 2010. It has undergone multiple testing and bug fixing stages so it now is quite stable.

Readers of WindowsTalk can use a special coupon code: wintalk. The coupon slashes the price of full license to $14.99.

Go to to find out more about GDocsOpen and download your copy now!

GDocsOpen Quick Preview