Reasons to Know Why 18-rated games banned on Windows 8

As per Microsoft, you cannot play games like Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim and the other 18 rated games on the Windows 8 based computers or devices. The company then disclosed its set of content restriction before the media had this particular restriction for the Windows 8 users. If you check the specific line of legislation released by the company under the Windows 8 App Certification Requirements, it suggests that any application containing some adult content and similar sort of metadata for running the upcoming operating system. If you deep deeper into this upcoming operating system from Microsoft, you could come across three vital flaws in the OS, which have been indicated by the experts. These issues with Windows 8 are the possible reasons why the use of 18 rated games over the new OS seems to be banned by the company.Let’s have a look at these flaws or the possible reasons.

Windows 8 is schizophrenic

Whether you use Windows 8 over a tablet or a PC, you would certainly encounter this issue. To understand this issue, let’s check this example. If you are using your PC and want to install Mass Effect 3 or even MS word, you are supposed to move your mouse at the left side at the bottom then wait for a while to see tile appearing. You then click over this tile, which could whisk you away from your PC to some metro environment wherein you could find for these programs. The experience with this OS comprises of jumping forward and backward both in the desktop and tablet environment. Both of these do not have anything in common. The task list of Metro will never enlist the desktop applications, while the PC will not enlist the active metro applications, which were installed lately.

Forcing applications to be full screen is horrible

Can you imagine running Notepad in a full screen having no title, border or menu bar over your 21 inches monitor screen. The similar is the Metro text editor, when you run it over your tablet or PC as Metro application would always need a full screen to run. Though you can snap vertically these apps to use one third or some smaller size over your screen, but this can simply make the usability from bad to worse in both the platforms (PC & Tablets). You can never think of doing any serious work using this.

Windows 8 usability is simply nightmarish

If you are not among the savvy users, you are going to face problems during the usability of windows 8. You may not find anything visible here without having any visual cues. Since Windows 8 is more for the touch based users, the mouse users will have bad time while moving the cursor over the screen till they could find the invisible hotspot. You will never see any start button or start menu over the PC since it is only accessible through the 3rd party utility including Start8.

Final word

The above technical flaws could be the possible reasons for the company to bar the adult rated games for the Windows 8 users. However, if you check over the latest news pertaining to this issue, the company has reversed its decision in Europe and United Kingdom.