Why Great Furniture Is A Must For Tech Lovers

Technology is a crucial part of our lifestyles these days, and there’s really no getting away from it. Whether we’re talking to friends, working in the office, entertaining ourselves with media, or just relaxing there’s a good chance that technology will be involved in some way or another. This then means that choosing the right technology can have an impact on almost every aspect of our lives – you use your smartphone for so much that choosing a good one will make countless different activities more enjoyable.

But it’s not just the technology itself that affects how pleasant these tasks are – but also the way in which we use them and the environment we use them in. Want to enjoy your evenings a bit more? Get a widescreen TV with surround sound. Want to enjoy them a lot more? Then invest in a comfortable sofa and heavy curtains, and arrange your room so that you are fully immersed in the surround sound.

Furniture then is a crucial factor in our enjoyment of technology and can completely change our interactions with it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which furniture in particular will really help you to get more from your various devices and gadgets…


Of course a great desk is the item of furniture that will perhaps most improve the way you use your desktop PC (the clue is in the name). Give yourself lots of desk space and you will find it easier to organise your documents around you and you will give yourself more room to use graphics tablets or multiple monitor set-ups. And if it looks sleek and executive then it will help you to feel like even more of a boss while you use that equipment too…

Desk Chair

But a good desk is nothing without a comfortable and supportive desk chair to relax in. Not only will this help you to feel less rigid when you’re working for long hours, but it will also help protect your health – so don’t try and cut corners on this particular purchase…

Coffee Table

Coffee tables make it hugely more convenient for us to enjoy relaxing in front of the TV while still being able to reach drinks, books and yes… gadgets. Picture a quiet chair next to a book case with a dim light on, and in front of it is an iPad/Kindle with a hot mug of tea steaming on your coffee table. Coffee tables and tablets are a match made in heaven…

Coffee tables have other uses too – they’re ideal for using a laptop when you no longer want it on your lap, and they’re great for using large tablets face up with lots of people crowded around them (which may just be the future of tablets…).

Reclining Armchair

A Lazyboy or something like a Lazyboy can turn watching television from a convenient way to relax into a full blown indulgence. This way you can relax backwards on your chair while you work and take the weight off your feet, and at the same time you may also be able to benefit from a range of other features – some allow you to store cold drinks in built-in fridges for instance, while others have speakers actually built into the headrests.


A reclining armchair is ideal for watching a film as it allows you to really relax and focus on what’s going on on the screen. Playing games however is a little less passive and requires you to be a little closer to the screen for reading stats and generally focussing on the details. This is one reason why beanbags can provide a great gaming experience – being relaxed and comfortable while allow you to get up close. Using a few beanbags at once is also a great way to enjoy multiplayer and to have lots of people involved in a deathmatch.



Another useful piece of furniture for enjoying films and games with friends is a sofa. Having friends round and relaxing together on the sofa while watching TV and eating nachos is the ideal vision of a night in for many people. Likewise this is also a great way to relax with your legs up again while you read your kindle in one hand, or watch your Surface propped up on your coffee table.

Who needs legs anyway?

Liam Mackay is a technophile who is likely to spend more on gadgets than on food, clothing and rent. His day job is at Mr. Convenience Inc., a store in Toronto that provides furniture on rental basis. Liam claims that he works in order to fund his gadget addiction.