Cool free software for your Windows PC

Everyone loves something for free and luckily in the world of computers there’s a host of amazing software you can download and install, for no cost! Yes, gone are the days where you’d have to shell out hundreds for the latest program or software, in this day and age of online enterprise it’s never been better to get your hands on free, legitimate software that’ll help to optimize your computer. Here’s some of the best currently available.


Few people actually back up their work but they certainly live to regret it when their computer crashes and they lose precious photos and documents. Dropbox is a fantastic resource for those wanting to protect their documents but don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of plugging in an external hard drive and copying files. Simply sign up online and download the program to your desktop. Simply save files to your Dropbox folder for easy backup.


One of, if not the, best free antivirus program available. Although you can pay for the premium package, the free version still offers strong PC protection. Known for putting a stop to viruses and malware threats, AVG software also provides a boost to your computer’s performance to keep it running more smoothly.


For those wanting to try their hand at image editing but don’t want to fork out for Photoshop, GIMP provides a free platform for image re-touching or image converting as well as including all the basic components of a simple paint program. Don’t forget to bring your creations to life with the help of an image printing company!


You would think that most people have heard of Skype by now but there’s a surprising number that don’t use it, despite it being an almost integral part of most businesses. Known for its free Skype to Skype calls, these days there’s also a host of accompanying free software programs to enhance your Skype experience, including recording calls and leaving video answering machine messages.


The go-to program for people who have to share large files via email. You have to pay for usage if you have a Mac but for Microsoft users, it’s free! Winzip compresses large files so they can be easily shared, usually via email. Often used for business purposes, it’s a great program for people wanting to share large images with friends and family.

VLC player

This free media player is definitely something any movie or music buff should have on their computer. Able to play any media type, whether audio or visual, it’s a lifesaver when you’ve been given a movie that doesn’t play on any of your existing platforms!

Google Chrome

Although you might be tempted to stick with the standard Internet Explorer browser on your new PC, if you want fast internet access it’s definitely worth downloading Google Chrome. As well as providing the ability to customize your own homepage with handy apps, Google Chrome automatically signs you into your Gmail, Google+ and YouTube account so everything is available at your fingertips and there’s no having to remember annoying passwords!

Designed to help you protect your computer, connect with loved ones and open programs, free software programs are a fantastic way to help you get the most from your computer. Ensure you always download from reputable sites and if unsure it’s best to err on the side of caution and look elsewhere. Most genuine free software programs will have a legitimate website so search there first. Happy downloading!

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