Has Free Webhosting Had Its Day?

If you read any article written about webhosting you will find that most of them praise the merits of a paid hosting plan and tell you to stay away from free hosting. They will list all of the reasons that you should avoid free webhosting and all of the reasons that you should choose a paid plan. In fact it is very difficult to find any positive press about free hosting plans, which makes many people assume that free webhosting has had its day.

It is very true that free webhosting is rarely suitable for those that wish to publish a website for a business or a webshop. The services, requirements and limitations of free webhosting mean that it is really only suitable for specific types of websites. However there are a large number of people that create and publish those specific types of websites every day, which would not be possible without free webhosting.

For example, it has been popular for years for young people to take a gap year and go travelling before settling down to serious study and a career. Previously their friends and family had to rely on letters, phone calls and postcards. Now, before they leave on their trip, they are able to create a website and publish it on a free webhosting plan. They are then able to use this as a way to instantly communicate with their friends and family at home, blog what they have been up to each day or week and publish pictures.

Students often sign up for free webhosting so that they can learn the basics of website design and hosting as part of their studies, as do people that are trying to improve their skill set so that they can gain a promotion at work.

Some businesses will create a small website on free hosting to trial new products or new scripts and then link that website back to their main one.

Charities that are just starting up will often choose a free webhosting plan to get themselves into the public domain as soon as possible and start raising awareness and money.

So as you can see the simple answer is that free webhosting has not had its day and is still as much in demand as ever, if not more. The problem is that many people do not actually understand what is involved with free webhosting and they don’t take the time to research it before choosing a plan and a company. This often leads to problems and a website that just doesn’t work in the way that the person wanted it to. Anyone that is thinking of choosing this option for their website, needs to ensure that they are fully informed of what each webhosting company is offering, what limitations are placed on them, how much control they will be given over the maintenance of their website, etc. These considerations will allow them to pick the right company and plan for their needs and will allow a happy relationship for the life of the website.

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