Free Tools That Speed Up Your PC

As you frustratingly sit in front of your computer, waiting for it to sluggish loading of your web browser, you may be wondering “is there any way I can speed up my computer?” Nowadays, people live in the fast lane where even a spare minute is a valuable asset. Businesses, companies, and casual web surfers all need and demand speed for completing tasks on time. But one cannot hope to do so with a slow computer. There are many tools you can use to speed up your computer, many of which are available for free.

Without Using Software

Before downloading programs to do the speed boost for your PC, you should know there are ways to speed it up via the main system. For starters, try deleting your browsing history. Over time, this section accrues tons of links you’ve visited in the past. The more you surf the web, the more “cookies” are stored on your computer. Deleting both cookies and temporary history files will save significant operating space that ultimately boosts the PC.

Another way to boost the speed of a PC is to defragment and compress the files. The process evaluates the use of your hard drive space, defragments the data, and recollects them. This results in more room for your PC to breathe and run smoother. To achieve this process, visit the My Computer window and right click on the Local C drive. Visit the Properties menu and find the “Compress drive to save disk space” option. Select the Tools menu and opt the “Defragment Now” option. The process may take some time to complete, so be patient.

Download Antivirus Software

Viruses can definitely slow down your PC. Run an antivirus program at least once a week to check and eliminate them. Trusted antivirus programs that are downloadable for free are Avast, Norton, and Avira. Avoid using fake software or less popular brands. You should also eliminate spyware. Run a reliable spyware tool at least twice every month. If you have it, use a pop-up blocker feature to avoid dangerous or undesirable content when browsing online.

PC Decrapifier

A possible cause of a sluggish computer is that it is deluged with craplets, software that your PC manufacturer installed because it was paid for. Craplets cause gradual start-ups and basic operations. Using PC Decrapifier eliminates loads of unnecessary files automatically. It, however, has limitations on what trial software and craplets it can automatically remove. Prior using this tool, provide a restore point in case it removes an item you were intending to keep.

Fox It Reader

Technically speaking, this isn’t exactly an optimization utility as it doesn’t clean the PC or tune it up. It does, however, remove the cause of gradual operations and instability for many users. The software is free to download and is small in file size. It also boots quickly and doesn’t consume unnecessary space. If Adobe Reader is operating poorly, Fox It Reader is an equally powerful alternative.

Norton Removal Tool

A few Norton programs and tools, particularly the security software, have become notorious for taking too much PC resources and RAM. Eliminating them entirely can be complex, yet this complimentary tool does what needs to be done. Make sure to remember the product key prior eliminating it in case you ever want to reinstall it in the future.

Along with hating slow computers, Brittany Sozak is a computer specialist and contributing writer for Data Recovery Group. Take a look at Data Recovery Group’s Services in the event of a hard drive failure.