The Best Free Things the Internet Has to Offer

The Internet has so much to offer us, and it’s only going continue to improve our lives. Some of the best features of the web are free, but not everyone utilizes these specs. So what is free stuff you can get from the Internet?


There are an unlimited amount of coupons on the internet. If you are looking to save a couple bucks or a hundred dollars, a coupon can make a huge difference. It’s easy as typing in a store name or brand in Google and adding the word ‘coupon’ after it (for example: Store name + coupon). There are plenty of coupon sites, apps and coupon junkies on Facebook and Twitter to them. Coupons can be digital or printable. Some them you can use right from your phone.


So many websites offer samples of their products. Their goal is to get you to love the product and purchase a full size product. Several websites offer free samples of just about anything. It can be tampons, toothpaste, a snack, and the list goes on! Again there are websites that revolve around tracking samples. You can sometimes even get them right through Facebook and Twitter. A fun fact to keep in mind is that you usually receive a coupon with your sample.


You can communicate with anyone in so many ways on the Internet. There’s always the option of using an email service, but it’s not the fastest method anymore. You can catch up with friends on social media. Facebook is great for keeping in contact with old classmates. There is also the option of using video chat sites like Skype and Google Chat. This is perfect for keeping in touch with long distance relationships.

Music, TV and Movies

You no longer have to pay to get any form of entertainment. You can get all of your needs from the internet. If you missed a television show the night before, you can find it online to watch for free. Listen to new bands online at the comfort of your own home or on your phone while you are on the go. If you liked what you saw or heard, you can easily share it with your friends through social media.


Contests are all over the web. You can enter contests for something as small as a magnet, or an all inclusive vacation. Social media is the best way to stay in touch with these contests. So if you want to test your luck, take a couple of seconds to sign up for a few contests. You should never have to pay for a contest, or give your social security numbers. So if it looks like it can be a scam, it most likely it is.

Sandra Daiken is a frugal blogger and has versatile uses for the Internet. She’s saved money by getting rid of cable to watch tv shows through an online torrent downloader from TorchBrowser.