4 Free Landscape Design Software Programs For Windows

Landscape design programs are great tools that are often used by professionals. While free design programs may be limited in what they offer consumers, they can be invaluable tools for do-it-yourself homeowners. If your front yard needs a major make over but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a professional design, consider these five free landscape design software programs.

The Showoff Home Visualizer

The Showoff Home Visualizer is one of the best free landscape design software programs available. This program allows its users to choose an image of a house to be the backdrop of their landscape design. They can then add a variety of outdoor features to the picture; including trees, outdoor furniture, flowers and anything else you can think of. This program is especially useful for people who have some knowledge of flora and fauna.

Once the program has finished installing onto the hard drive, it automatically searches for images that you may want to use as a backdrop. The interface is very easy to use and the catalog contains a large variety of landscape-related images to choose from. If you’re looking for an easy way to test your landscaping ideas, this program is perfect for you.


Plan-a-Garden is a great tool for landscaping amateurs. Test your design skills by using the easy-to-use interface and simple drag-and-drop feature. You can choose from hundreds of plants, flowers and a variety of structures that are commonly found in many gardens and backyards. After you’ve purchased a house, use Plan-a-Garden to show your landscapers exactly how you want your front yard and back yard to look.

The Virtual Garden

From large, professional gardens to small, homemade flower boxes The Virtual Garden is the perfect free landscape design tool for any job. The Virtual Garden allows users to choose from a variety of different flowers to plant in their garden. Their unique design interface and drag-and-drop feature is great for first time users. Offered for free by the UK’s BBC, the site is no longer maintained, but kept on the site as a useful tool to visitors.



Choose from a variety of the sample templates that SmartDraw offers to get you started on your landscape design journey. Once a user has selected a sample landscaping template, they can customize it to fit their specific ideas.

Like other free landscape design software programs, SmartDraw has a library of countless structures, flowers, trees, grasses and more to choose from. The program makes it easy for amateur designers to create the perfect landscaping idea for their home.

None of these applications is right for professional landscape designers, but they are all perfect for the DIY weekend warrior. It saves you the time of drawing out design ideas by hand and lets you try out many different designs in less time.

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