Four Internet Service Providers That Are Paving The Way To The Future

For years, the internet has been a mainstay in most homes. Whether it be school assignments, gainful employment or entertainment, broadband access allows individuals, families and companies the freedom to enjoy an array of services without having to leave the house. Many conventional ISPs are rigid in how they offer service, leaving many looking for viable, modern alternatives to extended contracts and expensive setup costs. We will be discussing four internet service providers that are going above and beyond to untangle the concept of burdensome internet and bring us all into the future of broadband.


FreedomPop is a wireless internet provider dedicated to providing 100% free 4G mobile access to anyone and everyone within its extended network. While the concept sounds revolutionary, FreedomPop has done this by limiting the amount of bandwidth any user can enjoy in a given month (500 MB). While these limitations may be too restrictive for most, having a free wireless connection for many makes the difference between being cut off from civilisation and having the world at their fingertips. Since you are taking advantage of cell phone networks, any mobile device will be sufficient to use this service.


While NetZero has been around for quite some time, it has always been a service that understands that its customers demand more. Offering mobile broadband devices for as low as $25, a variety of plans can be added on to give users as much internet as they need when on the go. A free plan allows for up to 200 MB of bandwidth per month, whereas 4 GB of bandwidth can be obtained for just $49 per month. With coverage extending through dozens of metropolitan areas, NetZero users can expect solid coverage at home, at work and on the go.


Using one of the most established and prevalent wireless networks in the United States, Clear is an internet service provider that is prepared to offer its customers both home and on the go internet access for very reasonable rates. With no annual contracts and flexible pricing, users can expect to pay anywhere from $20-50 per month depending on the service they select, and mobile broadband devices can be procured for $40-50, depending on whether you want to support one or multiple devices simultaneously. With no coverage fees and a 15-day no obligation guarantee, it is no wonder that Clear has been satisfying its customers for years.


While this option does come with a contract in some cases, Sprint’s mobile broadband services are some of the fastest around and as such, deserve to be considered by anyone seeking a dedicated mobile broadband connection. Offering unprecedented coverage, you are guaranteed at least 3G service in all areas – with 4G service available in most urban areas. For just $49 per month, up to 6 GB of wireless bandwidth is provided to customers and if you purchase a mobile broadband device separately, no contract is required. While some wireless carriers are sticking to their orthodox ways, it is great to see a leader like Sprint making huge strides to modernise the broadband industry.

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Jenny Wadlow, a self-professed blogger and a technology enthusiast, works for a successful internet service provider by day. She likes to read books in her free time. You can tweet her @JennyWadlow.