Four Fantastic Additions To Any Repair Guru’s Arsenal

We all have a certain someone in our lives who is an expert at repairing and maintaining just about any gadget or device that needs servicing. Often, they seem to have just about every tool for any job, making it quite the challenge to find something they will love come birthdays or holidays. While it may seem hard to shop for the geek who seemingly has everything, finding a good item with utility can go a long way. In this article, we have outlined four relatively inexpensive and functional additions that any gadget guru will appreciate having at his or her disposal.

Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

Move over, Swiss Army Knife: here comes the Utili-Key! Designed to be a lightweight, compact and efficient multi-tool, the Utili-Key offers six different tools such as a serrated knife blade, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener and a special screwdriver that can be used on eyeglasses and other objects with the tiniest of screws. The Utili-Key will lock to any key ring, keeping it safe and always at hand. Weighing in at just under 1/2oz, this device will not weigh down a key ring or be a burden when carrying. It comes with a lifetime warranty and for just $10, this deal is hard to beat.

Grid-It Ultimate Organiser

Keeping tabs on all of your tools is a chore for the repair guru in your life, so why not make things easier for them? With the Grid-It Ultimate Organiser, you can choose not only what to place inside it but also how to place it. Elastic bands cover the inside of the bag, allowing you to pick and pull up just the right one for storing anything from headphones to a digital camera. The Grid-It Ultimate Organiser comes in two sizes, with the smaller one costing $10 and the larger one costing $15.

“Wire Glue” Conductive Glue

Every repair guru most certainly has a soldering iron lying around somewhere, but the future says that soldering will soon become a lost art thanks to Wire Glue. Nanotechnology makes it possible, with carbon atoms comprising the substance and allowing for excellent conductivity while functioning just like normal glue. While it doesn’t adhere as quickly as soldering, it does allow for a no-heat solution to repairing wires, installing a LED or just about any other electrical task you can think of. The glue costs just $4 for 0.3 oz: just a dab will work wonders.

DIY Lover’s 54 Bit Driver Kit

For those who love tinkering with things and taking them apart, the DIY Lover’s Driver Kit is a great collection to have. Including just about every type of bit you can think of, this tactical driver kit allows techies to work on any DIY project or repair job while sourcing all of their bit-related needs from one central location. With Torx, JIS, Phillips, Pentalobe, Hex and other included bits that are used for a variety of applications, the techie in your life will never have to struggle with tracking down their bits ever again. Adapters and an extension are included with this set, which starts at just $30 (a special wooden gift box version can be found for $60).

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