Forefront Online Protection for Microsoft 365

Spam messages are like part of our lives, and receiving them on a daily basis doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. When we open our inboxes daily we often see that the spam filter is not always that accurate. It can be extremely frustrating to have tens of spam messages cluttered in our inbox, and although we mark them as spam they keep coming back.


Office 365 customers are extremely lucky though, because Microsoft can help them block messages that keep landing in their inbox and not spam folder. The tool is known as Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. The gizmo lets you make your own rules, so you can allow or block emails after the following criteria:

  • Sender
  • Attachment
  • Header
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Body
  • Recipient

You won’t need all this info for every rule, but it’s certainly useful to be able to allow or block emails according to their topics, domain, and specific sender. As soon as the rule is set up, you won’t have to deal with any kinds of delay in mail filtering. Check out the following steps and start blocking spam messages that keep getting to your inbox.

  • Use an administration account to long into your Office 365 portal
  • Under Exchange, make sure to click the Manage link listed
  • Select Mail Control (you can find it on the page’s left side)
  • On the right side click on the a link that is labeled ‘perimeter message tracing, configure IP safelisting, and email policies’
  • At the top of your page click the Administration tab if it was not already selected
  • Click the New Policy Rule link from the right had side of your page

Afterwards, feel free to lay down the parameters for your rule, and after you’re done make sure to select the Save Policy Rule. The brand new rule will be listed under the Policy Rules, so you can modify it or even delete it if you don’t needed anymore.


Forefront can’t catch all spam messages when it works by itself, so the rules will certainly help you gain better control over your messages. As soon as your rules have been set you’ll see that spam messages that keep reaching your inbox will vanish. Don’t expect all of them to go away, but at least you’ll manage to keep your inbox secured from serious threats.

Protect your email from malware and spam with Forefront Online Protection

Choose to protect your email against malware and spam, while also maintaining access. Exchange Online Protection offers various safety features that are set up across a worldwide network of data centers, assisting you to abridge message administration.

Reliability and security – Exchange Online Protection keeps your information safe. It can remove threats before they can go through the corporate firewall thanks to real-time anti-spam, multi-layered, and anti-malware protection. The system can also keep your IP safe making use of detached outbound delivery pools meant for emails that are really sensitive

Maintain control of your space while receiving email security from Microsoft – receive IT support by phone 24/7, 7 days per week without any additional costs, manage administration from the Exchange Administration Center, and get real time message trace and reporting

Simple to maintain and deploy – now it’s simpler than ever to keep your email safe from outside threats; to install, maintain, and manage you won’t have to use any type of software and hardware, and that will minimize up-front investment.

When it comes to Office 365 Exchange Online, each and every email is being protected with leading anti-malware filtering and anti-spam protection via Forefront Online Protection. The system makes use of proprietary anti-spam tools to help attain accurate rates and complementary anti-virus engines to detect malicious codes and viruses spread throughout your e-mail.


Using the Office 365 Exchange Online plan, administrators will have the chance to manage e-mail control and anti-spam settings through the FOPE Administration Center. Malicious senders and spammers make use of a plethora of techniques to deliver spam messages, and unfortunately no process or advanced tool can eliminate it. Still, you can greatly reduce virus attack rates and outbreaks with Forefront Online Protection for Microsoft 365.

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